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Chrisw Sunday, 2/2/2020

received today " polishing compound" , "vise clamp" . Small haul , big out come.


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redlinederby 2/2/20
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I've had that vise clamp on my Amazon list for a while...let me know what you think about it, if it makes anything easier.

  • It's a great tool to work with. If you dont have a vise that's big an unsure of your strength. This version for people that works with smaller projects . Like Modification to hot wheels , jewelery , etc. I recomend grabbing one to help do what we do Modification on a small scale oh an grab also the extra material in stead of the four points you can grab the straight clamp to hold bolts , and axles to straighten them out. — Chrisw
  • Thats the one I have too. It like it a lot. It's small so it doesn't get in the way while working on cars. What impresses me the most about it is that it doesn't damage the paint of cars in the grip. The old vice I had would scratch the cars up unless I put cloth in between. — WorpeX
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Chrisw 2/3/20

what a haul !! I want to thank you guys for showing some of us , how to make fast cars . So I'm going to be busy. And still have more cars coming Lol .I need help !!! This is my life . I need AA. Keep the speed

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Chrisw 2/5/20

nice mail haul ! Something to modify  cthu.

Let's do it !! . Love speed.

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