Masters of the Universe Funny Car

RobertBcfc Wednesday, 11/27/2019

In 2004 a 2 pack was released themed Masters of the Universe.  One of the cars was a Probe Funny Car.

I can't find any info on whether it's metal based and wondered if anyone could shed some light?


I did a little digging for you. The first link is to a hobby database I came across while searching. They have the car listed as metal/metal. The second and third link are to ebay listings of the car you are interested in. You could message the seller asking if the car actually is metal/metal.




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Dadvball 11/27/19

I don't have this one, but based on all the Probe funny cars I have it's a metal base. I've never seen one with plastic. 

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RobertBcfc 11/27/19

Thanks for taking a look at this - I'm going to go for it.  As you say every other Probe Funny Car is metal/metal, and the hobby site seems to corroborate it.

It might be early in the new year now before I buy it and it arrives with me, but I'll let you know how it looks once if lands.

I hadn't heard of the casting until today and when you consider how quick the other Probes generally are this one could come in handy as a secret weapon!

Thanks again for having a look.

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redlinederby 11/27/19
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I don't think I have the MotU Funny Car, but I do have a matched set of 4 mainline cars that had the He-Man license. I got them early on when I started collecting again thinking, "These will be worth something,".....ha! I'm not even sure which bin they're tucked away.

I'm not a big MotU fan if it's a set someone wants, we can talk trade.

  • To be honest I just saw that it was a Probe funny car I’d never seen and available at a reasonable price so just wanted to find out a bit more about it before diving in. The MOTU cartoon was on tv back when I was the same age my son is now (1983/84) and I kinda got him into it on YouTube to make a break from the incessant barrage of Peppa Pig we were going through at the time! I picked up a He Man branded Twin Mill II and a Skeletor casting that I’m not even sure what the underlying model is! Both were from a market and have seen better days - though I can imagine the He Man one was reasonably quick in its day. Weirdly, the same day we picked up a PJ Masks die cast set. The “Cat Boy” casting fits the track perfectly and competes really well with recent HW mainlines. — RobertBcfc
  • I think those are the same ones I have. They were part of the MotU reboot cartoon many years ago now. Didn't last long. See if you can get Boomerang streaming service...tons of good old cartoons. Got my daughter on them, far better than YouTube stuff. — redlinederby
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