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RobertBcfc Friday, 3/6/2020

I have to admit to knowing next to nothing about military matters - one tank looks the same as another to me.

But I've heard that some Matchbox tanks can be really fast.

The Superfast Bradley tank being one and the Adams Battle Tank another.

Has anyone raced these, or others, and how have you found them?


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redlinederby 3/6/20
Site manager

I have not raced any tanks but now I want to just because "Superfast Bradley Tank" is the best phrase I'll here today. 

But I think a military themed race could be interesting...certainly challenging with a mix of castings. Maybe around 4th of July or something, hmmm...

That's interesting. I have a half dozen or so MB tanks and a few other MB military vehicles. Gonna have to crack 'em and give them a run down the track - Bruno

  • Really interested to see how it goes, please let me know — RobertBcfc
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RobertBcfc 3/6/20

I've always found the Hot Wheels Invader (especially) but also the Tankonator to be fast.

The Matchbox example came up on an article I read about a year ago about the popularity of die cast racing in Puerto Rico - where the Bradley is apparently treated as a must have.  

The only one I've seen for sale is a 97 Superfast - It may be worth a go I guess 

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RobertBcfc 3/7/20

Found the article I mentioned:


"Like we mentioned earlier, some of the fastest miniatures around are not Hot Wheels and do not necessarily look fast at all. This is the case of the Matchbox Bradley Tank. Before someone discovered how fast they were on the drag strip, Bradley tanks could be locally found everywhere a dime a dozen. Now you are lucky to find one in the secondary market for less that $5.00. And the price will go up as it becomes less common. The fact that fast looks have nothing to do with speed is one of my few personal complaints about miniature car drag races. A really fast looking car like for example the Twin Mill II is not necessarily faster on the track. In fact, vehicles like the Twin Mill II, the Power Pipes, or the Salt flat Racer do not stand a chance against slow-looking vehicles such as the Matchbox Bradley, or the Matchbox 1999 Snow Groomer."

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LeagueofSpeed 3/7/20
Event coordinator

A Tank race...oh yes please...just the novelty of it is great...throw in some possible Speed...Fun City

This topic encouraged me to root through a couple MB bins. I had forgotten how cool some of the MB stuff is. 

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