Max Traxx finish line measurements, Drag Track mod

model40fan Saturday, 2/7/2015

 The unit itself is 3 7/8" tall... And 4 7/16" wide... The arch's interior is 3 1/4" wide...

.The paddles rotate back to give a 1 1/16" clearance before they bend [they must be trimmed to allow 1.30"]...

. The paddles are 5/8" W x 1" T...

. The unit is built in 2 halves, secured with [4] tiny Phillips head screws on the corners...

. Going to widen the arch 1/8" each side on one of these to let DRAG TRACKS track run through it...

. The paddles only rotate to where the uprights narrow... no need to widen the arch above that...

 . I will make a 6"L x 3"W x 1/16" steel base with [2] parallel 1" W x 1 1/2" T x 1/16" tabs welded to it so it can anchor the uprights with 2 screws on each side...

.... I'm on it... well, when it warms up a little !...   Only 7* outside, I went for it...

Fits well enough it that doesn't need screws, but will get paint and  [1] screw each side .


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redlinederby 2/7/15
Site manager

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model40fan 2/7/15

I trimmed off the Max Traxx dual lane connector and widened the arch... Surfaces need to be filed ;

Careful trimming the paddles...[I didn't]  With DT section installed a '64 nova wagon's hood just barely contacts with the paddle, way 2 fast's fuel cell slides under it... note ; Slightly wider arch at the lower 1/2" of the uprights to clear DT...

The upright's offset works to hold the DT down onto the base... 

  • Nice! I knew you'd be able to mod that sucker — redlinederby
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72_Chevy_C10 2/7/15
Event coordinator

That didn't take very long! :)

Looks good!

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model40fan 2/8/15

just ordered an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of checkerboard [sticker] for dressin' up' the finish line... $11.?? ....

  • if i tilt the unit towards the "up hill" when i mount it to a base, will give the paddles a little more free-play [hight]. ? — model40fan
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2seven 2/9/15

Hello model40fan,

    I would have interest in the hotwheels finish line as my sons was broken. I would rather replace the broken part than have the expense of an entire track. My contact info is or 937-479-6812. Thank you in advance for a possible resolution to our racing problem.


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redlinederby 2/10/15
Site manager

Awesome mod, Smitty. Solid build as usual. Makes the Max Trax even more great as-is with orange track, but a little shave makes it Drag Track ready.

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Saleens281 10/15/15

I noticed a little lag before the paddles trip the light sensors on my Max Traxxx finish gate.  So I took the thing apart and put some foam behind the pcb board. This moved the triggers closer to the highest arching part on the paddle.  It did seem to take some of the lag out.  Also I am messing with attaching foam to the paddles to shorten the height between the paddle and the track. Making the gap basically nonexistent.  My hopes is that with a little testing the lower height rides will trip the lights evenly with the taller rides.  It seems in my limited usage of the finish gate.  That in a very tight race the higher car with trip the light first even if the lower height car beats it to the finish. Any one else notice this?

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72_Chevy_C10 10/15/15
Event coordinator

I messed around with one of these...and used it for a little while. But, when I got looking into it, it seemed like the actual triggers were firing at different would be rather tricky to get it dialed in. I messed with it for an evening...and then I ordered a 3DBotmaker finish line and was done with it. The 3D finish line is much more consistent way to go.

Just my 2 cents

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