Putting motors in cars

Herecometherats Sunday, 5/17/2020

Anyone fiddled around with installing small electric motors into a custom diecast? Seems like it should be possible and you could run circuit races instead of just downhill ones. 


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LeagueofSpeed 5/17/20
Event coordinator

Welcome to Redline Derby Racing 

...but they already did that with Sizzlers back in 1970...huge hit and the cars that were built for what you see nowadays as FatTrack Racing...

...now, there has been talk about a Sizzler Circuit around here for many years...nothing has materialized as of yet.

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Chaos_Canyon 5/17/20

Aren't the crash racers also electric?

I know they did it with the Sizzlers but that was in the 70's and there were a few re-released. What I want to know is if anyone has used that premise to motorize one of their custom diecast cars?

You can buy dual shaft small DC motors. I don't see why you wouldn't be able to make your own sizzler like car. I'm thinking about trying it out. 

  • Nothing to lose, might as well try it. I know there's a guy out there making remote control drift cars out of 1:43 scale so why not go one step further :) — Chaos_Canyon

It wouldn't be that hard... If you undid the chassis of the sizzler and put it under a modern day Hotwheels and botta bing botta boom motors in hotwheels... Of course you would need to find a sizzler car first.

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NDeavers80 5/18/20

Or just slot cars....

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