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Muscle Car Masters 2022 - Results Posted

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Coopdevil 3/28/22

Yes please if space. 

Coop, Playworn Racing. 

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Coopdevil 3/28/22

I may regret asking this, as I know it's something of a can of worms, but are Mustangs and Camaros muscle cars? I know some enthusiasts claim not. 

  • Well, my understanding(without getting too much into it) that the most strict definition of a muscle car is a midsize car with a fullsize car's engine. Over the years that definition has grown to mean 'RWD American coupe with a V8'. So yeah, calling a Mustang or Camaro a muscle car would be considered fine to like 99 out of 100 people. — Spirit_Of_64

Always another day!

Good luck all!

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Crazy_Canuck 3/28/22

I'm my car all lined up...

let's go Rubber Toe!

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Too_kay 3/28/22

Put 2K Racing on the list

Main roster and alternate roster is now full. Thank you everyone who posted and supports our channel. We greatly appreciate it!

For those that are new, I do not add more than 5 alternate spots because I have never seen more than 5 drop out.

Next, mail-in race will be announced at the end of the King of Monsters championship race.

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ShannonBR 3/28/22

Shoot, missed it again! 

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WallyChamp73 3/28/22

Can N.J. Drive Racing have an alternate spot?

No additional alternate spots will be opened beyond the 5 currently listed.

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Driepe51 3/29/22

Well crap looks like I'm way too late on this one... put me down for an alternate I guess 

So a new track edition premieres next Sunday night during the kickoff of the Modified Mayhem tournament. So builders may want to wait in sending their muscle car entry until they see the new addition.

Deadline to receive cars is 4 weeks away on June 6th! Don't be late!

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