Muscle Trucks 2

Saturday, April 6th, 2019
72_Chevy_C10 Saturday, 2/2/2019
Event coordinator

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Lots of things are going on in my life...changing jobs, moving,, Sussex a speedway soon will no longer, it'time to have one last race...Muscle Trucks 2

Rules & restrictions

  • Modified entries only
  • 57g maximum weight
  • 3in. long x 2in. tall x 1.25in. wide
  • Limit 2 entries per household
  • Nickel plated axles allowed
  • Dry lube only

Dates & deadlines

All entries must be received by the host before Saturday, 3/30/2019. Racing is scheduled for Saturday, 4/6/2019. Results will be posted on or after that date as is convenient for the host.

How to enter

Contact the tournament host to get the shipping address.

Include $3.00 for return shipping if you want your entries back. Entries not getting returned will be given to the winner as part of the prize.

Please print and include a Race ID slip with your entry



Race format and scoring

This will be a single-elimination tournament. A car will move on in the bracket only when it wins two races in a row. Cars will alternate lanes between each race.

The car that wins the final race will be declared the winner. Race host has final decision in all races.

Bracket seeding will be random but will try to avoid having an entrant race themselves, especially in the first


Cars are given a grace of 2g over the stated weight limit to account for variance in scales.

If a car fails to meet any of the restrictions listed above, the car will not qualify for tournament prizes. Offending cars will still race. Prize will go to the runner-up in the case of penalty car winning.

Cars that fail to run or fit on the track, or that happen to break during racing, will forfeit their matches. Cars that arrive broken will attempt to be repaired before the tournament. Cars that break during the tournament will not be repaired or replaced.


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NDeavers80 2/2/19

Any truck? And I'm in 

  • I'd kinda like them to be American built 'v-8 powered' trucks, but as long as they meet the size requirements, you'll be okay — 72_Chevy_C10
  • Ok thanks — NDeavers80
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redlinederby 2/2/19
Site manager

Gonna try to send in a least one truck for a big send off!

Good luck to you with everything going on. I know changing jobs is as unsettling as it is exciting.

And I want to THANK YOU for everything you've helped with here at RLD. You did a ton to build the mail-in scene around here beyond anything we could have imagined and given it great credability over the years. I know you'll be off the grid for a while but once things get settled, I hope you check in every now and then.

  • Thanks...this year is going to be a crazy one, for sure. But, I'm planning on keeping all my track stuff with me, where very I end, I'll be popping back in from time to time :) — 72_Chevy_C10

My man it has been a journey... far from over.  Looking forward to the "final pass" at Sussex raceway, knowing it will rise again. 

I'm in... but you knew that. 

  • I can't even hazard guess at how many times I've raced you on this track! Thanks for all the support, TE! — 72_Chevy_C10

Count me in. Red Pill Racing has never got a chance to race at Sussex so write me and my three kids teams in for eight trucks. Let's make it a big send off 

  • Cool...I'll be looking forward to seeing your builds! — 72_Chevy_C10
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Jav74 2/4/19

I’ll be in for 2

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JackC 2/9/19

What trucks can I use?

  • By 'Muscle Truck', I mean American built, V-8 powered trucks...they can be older or current models, but please be sure that they are under the 3 inch maximum length, with usiallu means that they are short beds. — 72_Chevy_C10
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72_Chevy_C10 2/9/19
Event coordinator

Hey Guys,

These are the trucks that I'll be building, if you want to see what a 'Muscle Truck' is. The '69 Chevy is right in the sweet spot of what is means to be a Muscle Truck...they came with V-8 engines and transmissions and rears that hot rodders have been stealing out of them for years.

Be sure to check the overall length of your truck. I don't want any of the newer trucks that are, like, 3.5" long...yes, they are fast, but that's because they are long. The challenge here is to build a fast truck 3" long or less.

Thanks Guys! I look forward to seeing your builds!

Mock up...

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Jav74 2/9/19

Just making sure that el cos and rancheros are not legal. True?

  • That is correct...El Caminos and Ranchero were, if I'm not mistaken, both built on auto motive chassis, so I, personally, don't consider them to be trucks. — 72_Chevy_C10
  • I don’t consider them trucks either for the reason mentioned. They are car frames. — Jav74
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Dadvball 2/10/19

Count me in. 

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NDeavers80 2/10/19

1 I am working on. 

Got busy today, just about ready. 

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