Mustang Summer 2019 - Point Standings

LeagueofSpeed Saturday, 6/8/2019
Event coordinator

***Points are awarded for winning a race and the points are combined for the two cars comprising the team...Please Note that there will not be points awarded to the two cars that make the Finals each race for this series and moving on with future series...a point will be awarded for a win only, as this should keep the competition closer.***

Point Standings after Race #1 - Tobacco Road, NC

1st(t) - MDG Racing  6pts

1st(t) - Go Go Maxzilla  6pts

2nd(t) - 9.81 Racing  5pts

2nd(t) - Go Time Racing  5pts

3rd(t) - League of Speed  4pts

3rd(t) - Outlaw Racing  4pts

4th(t) - Lady of Speed  3pts

4th(t) - G-Force  3pts

4th(t) - Traction Event  3pts

4th(t) - Wild Rose Racing 3pts

4th(t) - Danny Boy Racing  3pts

5th(t) - Boom Machines  2pts

5th(t) - 100 Proof Racing  2pts

5th(t) - 41-14 Racing  2pts

5th(t) - Red Pill Racing  2pts

5th(t) - 1/4 Mile Club  2pts

6th(t) - Mopar Mafia  1pt

6th(t) - NastiNati Racing  1pt

6th(t) - Summit Racers  1pt

6th(t) - Bayou City Bandits  1pt

6th(t) - Speed Force  1pt

6th(t) - 72 Chevy C10 -  1pt

6th(t) - Eagle Prime Racing  1pt

6th(t) - Trinity Racing  1pt

7th(t) - Mad Maddie Racing  0pts

7th(t) - Speedzilla  0pts

7th(t) - Dixie Chicks Racing  0pts

7th(t) - ND Racing  0pts

7th(t) - Lil Bug Racing  0pts

7th(t) - DC Wheels  0pts

7th(t) - RLD Racing  0pts

7th(t) - Savage Speeder  0pts


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