My DIY skid pad

Dj2112yyz Tuesday, 8/31/2021

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Amazing drifting! Skid pads are a thing of beauty when made right. 

Great job man!

Cheers AJ

  • Thanks AJ, It wasn't too bad trying to figure it all out it was more about the speed coming into the turn than anything else. I would like to integrate it into a track of some sort Eventually. — Dj2112yyz
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Dj2112yyz 9/14/21

A short video clip of what happens when  the cars come in too fast.

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Dj2112yyz 9/20/21

So I decided to attempt another turn on the skip pad track.  And keep the exit at the same

 It was too tight and making contact on the back wall. So  I moved the countertop forward an inch for a little more room and I lowered the angle of the entry

 And there still wasn't enough room still making contact on the backwall. And that's as far forward as the countertop could move. Then I thought to myself how much room do I really need.  And decided to take a video of the top track You would think I would have thought of that 1st. But I guess I'm not that

 On that video I learned something   the 4th car down the white one That was almost a 2 1/2 inch drift. So that meant the whole track needs to be moved.

  So I moved both skid pads up 3" inches and the 2nd skid pad I moved 3 1/2 inches away from the

 After I did that nothing was really running very smoothly the top or the bottom.  So I made some more  Adjustments in the heights of the transfer track And I cut back the entry ramp on the 2nd pad.

 So that's where I'm at I've got the top running a little better But I need some more speed coming to the 2nd pad.   I need to eliminate that little bit of chatter the car are getting coming through the transfer track and I need to lower the ankled ramp just slightly on the 2nd pad. Other than that I think it's pretty close.  

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Dj2112yyz 9/21/21

 I have it running much better now.

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Playz 9/22/21

I love these drift pads, would love to add one to the track one day

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Dj2112yyz 9/22/21

It is pretty cool watching them slide through the course . I need to figure out a scoring system Then I'll start some Hot Wheels drifting contest . And of course I still need to finish covering the new track.  And thanks for all the support.


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Dj2112yyz 10/1/21

 I've got a little work done.

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Dj2112yyz 10/1/21

 My spinning bumpers made out of old

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