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HotwheelShaun Monday, 9/30/2019

Greetings to all. I’ve recently gotten back into one of my favorite hobbies as a youth. I was an avid collector as a kid and one day I fell upon some racing videos by GhostJerker on YouTube and became instantly hooked again. I have since purchased a six lane and built a scaled 1/4 in my garage. I’ve started doing my own races and my daughters have started to join in as well. I’ve posted  my “Orange Monster” winners. The fastest casting I’ve found was a FTE Stockar. I retired it as it won 12 tournaments in row. I’ve included my past champs. Current champ is the Renault. Any fast castings please feel free to share and happy racing!


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LeagueofSpeed 10/1/19
Event coordinator

Welcome to RLD...enjoy yourself!!!

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RobertBcfc 10/1/19


Welcome to the site!  Everyone’s really friendly here and there’s a massive amount of knowledge and experience that is great to draw on.

Looks like a great selection of cars you’re racing, I have that FTE Stocker and it certainly is a quick one.  I don’t recognise the Renault that’s the current champ though - what casting is that, I really like the look of it?



  • Ah - spoke too soon, is it out of one of last year’s 5 packs? — RobertBcfc
  • It was. Some packs are hit and miss but this one had a couple quick ones — HotwheelShaun
  • It looks great. Weirdly, I’ve got that 5 pack as someone recommended the Jaguar as being quick. It’s been sat upstairs in my cupboard and I’d barely even looked at the other cars, just focusing on the Jag. Will look forward to lining the five of them up (maybe against the Stocker FTE) and seeing how they go. — RobertBcfc
  • The jag is quick in that pack. Most xj8s are pretty quick. My surprise out of that pack was the Aston as it holds its own — HotwheelShaun
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redlinederby 10/1/19
Site manager

Welcome to the club, glad you found us here...and thanks for sharing those awesome photos. Sounds like you're racing happily and regularly :) Just keep sharing your stories and check out the Track Directory where you can show off your own track.

The cars you posted are a Who's Who of speed for sure. Although you'll find some tough competition around here.

Happy racing!

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Diecast64 10/2/19

Hey welcome aboard HotwheelShaun.  Great group of guys here.  You'll learn a lot.  Also some good looking cars you've got.  If you ever want to really see what they've got, I run monthly mail-in stock races (and other races too).  You should send a few in.  Here is a link to the October Races.
There is also a post here on RLD for October's feature race "The Zombie Apocolypse." 

Hope to see ya on the track soon, if not at D64, then at one of the other cool races you'll find here.  

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