New Chevy C-10 comes with adjustable suspension!?

redlinederby Tuesday, 2/4/2020
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Now this is cool. Straight from the Orange Track Diecast blog, the HW Collector Club is getting a 1969 Chevy C-10 pick up with adjustable suspension! Neat.

I know the C-10 is a super hot truck as of late, in small scale and full scale. Me, I just like pickups in general. I have no emotional ties to the C-10 other than it's a very classic looking truck.

The adjustable suspension part is really nifty and in usual Mattel fashion, uses a simple mechanical method to make it happen. Just turn a dial and lower/raise the truck. I probably wouldn't expect this on the pegs anytime soon but we can hope.

Three cheers for some innovation even if this is something that feels like a, "I can't believe they didn't do this already," type thing.

So the Chevy pickup is cool but what other castings would you like to see get this feature?


similar to these??

  • Does those have dials on the bottom or are they just springy? The C10 has a dial you can turn to make it a low rider or normal, and it stays that way until you turn it back. But just having bouncy suspension is interesting too. I like the old MBX style of spring. — redlinederby
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MDG_Racing 2/5/20

Dial is on top of E.S.

Same castings LoS and Robby use on the Red Desert Baja. 

Adjusts from full travel to rigid.

The C10 was previewed at the Chicago Nationals 2019. Don't know if it is making its way to mainlines. I believe these type features will be for RLC releases and other adult collectible lines.

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