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New Year New Champ Drag Tournament **FULL** RESERVES ONLY

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I'll send in 2 for this. Your new track set up is looking good. 

  • You're in ChaseFamilyRacing! Glad to have ya back and thanks so much man! I'm adding a few more things to it like some lane borders to prevent the lanes from moving side to side and a sandbag stopper that I got coming in the mail. I'll update with some pics to this thread soon! Also love your track on your youtube page! I'll have to send in a open racecar soon! — D_Built_Garage

Put me in for 2 please 

Knobby Ridge Dragway 

  • You're in Victor Fastlane! Glad to have you back! — D_Built_Garage
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Numbskull 10/2/23

Viable castings:




Should be fun. 

  • Yep bring the heat! Thats a good combo right there! 1JDM (EVO COUGH) 1 I-Pace Trophy. Thats the beauty of this race. We may see an all out brawl Evo vs Ipace or another JDM vs Evo and Ipace. This will be an interesting race for sure. — D_Built_Garage
  • I will marinate my cars in vodka first. — Numbskull
  • Any other castings come to mind? — Numbskull
  • I can't think of any. — Numbskull
  • I-Pace was the curve-ball. — Numbskull
  • Vodka lol love it! Hmmm as far as castings, Toyota Supra's, Honda Civic EG (Premium), RX-7s FCs and FDs, Any Hondas really. They have that Honda Spocket which I've seen tear up the tracks, CRX's — D_Built_Garage
  • Thank you for making my brain work again. — Numbskull
  • Spocket maybe — Numbskull
  • But really — Numbskull
  • Evo — Numbskull
  • I-Pace — Numbskull
  • the civic Si too was a fast casting! especially the ultra hots one! — D_Built_Garage
  • I'll go buy one. Cheers. — Numbskull

I'm in for 1. Thanks

  • Hey Demon! Thanks so much! Do you have another car at 80.99 or less you can submit? Otherwise the numbers will be off. But otherwise, You're in! — D_Built_Garage
  • Still need an extra from me? If so, I'm your Huckleberry. — DemonPreacher

I can send one also

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GrumpyCloud 10/3/23

I'll send in 2.  Cheers!

  • You’re in Grumpy Cloud! Thanks so much for participating! — D_Built_Garage
  • Thanks for having us. I'm stoked to get into drag racing more. — GrumpyCloud

If there is room I'm in for one of each, JDM and iPace.

Ca$h Money's in for 1

  • You're In Cashmoneyboys! Glad to have you finally! — D_Built_Garage

guess what guys... You all are getting brand new longer lanes on the drag strip. Incase you guys are curious where I got these. Check your local dollar tree. They got the 24 inch lanes as opposed to the standard 12 inch lanes. 

  • Nice. — Numbskull
  • Those are definitely a good deal. Make sure you align them tagged end to non tagged end, the connector slot was slightly off center on mine and if you connected them tag to tagged end the the side walls created a 1-2 mm step slowing cars down and creating inconsistent runs. . — Milestone_Racing
  • Thanks Milestone! I'll look out for that. I'm just trying to make the smoothest track for all of you so any recommendations on track stuff is always appreciated! — D_Built_Garage
  • Thanks @numbskull! — D_Built_Garage
  • If your looking to get more orange track dollar tree is where you want to go, you can 12 whole strips for around 12 bucks — Kingjester
  • This is what I use but I cut the tab ends off and use Slanman connectors instead of the blue Hot Wheels connectors — BlueLineRacing
  • Thanks Blueline! Yea I want the track as smooth as possible. What do you use to cut the end pieces off? Scissors or a saw? I'm worried I'll get burred ends. I have a dremmel but maybe I can find a rotary saw or something that can cut the pieces smoothly. I'll look more into it. — D_Built_Garage

I'd like to enter a couple cars in this. I'll also do a JDM and an iPace. Thanks! 

  • DogSquabRacing You are in. Thanks for participating. Bring your best. This will be a hell of a race! — D_Built_Garage
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Go_Time 10/4/23

Is a Mazda REPU a go or no go?...just curious.

  • Copied and pasted from Wikipedia " The Mazda B-series pickup truck was introduced in Japan in August 1961 as the B1500 (BUA61). This model was the only Japanese market model to be badged under the B-series naming scheme, i.e. B1500. The BUD61 (second generation) that followed was the first model of the long-running "Proceed" series sold in Japan. — D_Built_Garage
  • I'd say it qualifies so that works. Interesting history too. Seems it was a pick up truck made in japan but meant to be sold to the US and Europe. So yes this qualifies as JDM. Thanks for asking! — D_Built_Garage
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Kingjester 10/5/23

Oh yeah, it's all coming together 

  • Nice... what bus is that? lol — FredD
  • It’s not a bus it’s a Nissan van — Kingjester
  • I was jus kiddin... looks good! — FredD
  • Looks good kingjester! Try to squeeze a bit more weight in there if you can. — D_Built_Garage

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