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Porsche Summer Mixer

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What if it was purchased at the store in 1982

  • Doesn't matter when you bought it. If you're not creating your own axles or wheels, you're fine — redlinederby
  • heh. Ok. You might regret that. — undercoverbuick
  • did you purchase a previously modded car at a store? — LeagueofSpeed
  • That'd be odd. But if you did buy a modded car, just verify it's all retail parts. — redlinederby
  • I would rather sandbag you and just mail you the car when its done — undercoverbuick
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TheHahns 5/17/17

I should be sending two early next week or so if you're still taking entries from complete newbies.

Cars are in the mail.

  • Sure thing, glad you're entering. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to send an entry, even just 1 car is fine. — redlinederby
  • Did my cars ever make it to you? — TheHahns
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redlinederby 5/19/17
Site manager

Stuff just got real's the entries from Voxxer Racing. I dig the GT Porsche, very cool.

You know what, I am out.  The weight rule for this is crap.  I am 3 cars in an every one stock out of the box is too heavy. 

  • What style cars? Maybe your scale is broken. — Jdub3000
  • I dont think so. I have validated with with a certified weight — undercoverbuick

  • Wheel limitations: Production/retail wheels and axles only. No custom wheels.
How are the washers pioneered by Voxxer judged under this rule.

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redlinederby 5/21/17
Site manager

@Mo - I guess I'd have to say as long as the wheels and axles themselves are nothing crafted, then washers are okay. Washers would just be an add-on like extra weight and whatever else, so yeah, washers are valid.

@Buick - Sorry to hear you're backing out. The weight limit was made lower to give stock entries more of a fair chance. Plus there's nothing that says you can't do some cutting to get your cars down to weight. Chop a top, drill some holes...working within the limits to enter a race is half the fun...most of the fun...

Although I forgot to mention that we usually have a 2g margin of error for weight to account for scale variances. So, in theory, the max weight is 52g...if that makes a difference for you. Didn't think there'd be so many first-timers for this race so I didn't mention it before.

  • My original issue Porsche 928 is 58 grams stock, the late 90's casting is actually heavyer at 60 grams. Even my 935 is 55 grams, stock. — undercoverbuick
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VoxxerRacing 5/22/17

From the begining, after reading the rules, I plan on using stock axles for both of my cars.  

It has be determined that Voxxer washers are legal.  So be it.     I will still be using stock axles and axle heads. 

The white car will be fully modified, under the rules, and max of 50 g.   Black car will be stock weight.      

I will always accept a challenge, and do my best, under written rules, to win.   VOXXER

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redlinederby 5/22/17
Site manager

Thought about this last night and it's also worth mentioning that entries do not have to have matching body and chassis. Typically, people like to do the matching thing but that's not a requirement under the rules for this race (and most races).

The only thing that has to be Porsche is the body casting. If you want to use a different chassis, you can. 

So if you're struggling to make weight or even just not happy with how fast your car is running, do some chopping and find yourself a chassis that is better, or lighter or whatever and attach your Porsche body. 

For a VW Beetle race a couple years ago, I took the body of a Beetle and the chassis off something else so I could have a metal/metal car. 

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delta6 5/24/17

I may send in a couple cars, but they'll both likely be stock unless they're too heavy. I just got real busy, so I haven't been on in a while.

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Jdub3000 5/24/17

I got 2 ready, i'll post pics soon.

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redlinederby 5/25/17
Site manager

Updated the post with a prize photo...a 3-pack of Porsche cars; 2 Track Day cars and a mainline. Not great for racing out of the box but ripe for a wheel swap.

The winner will also receive any entry cars not getting returned to their owners. Might be none, often a handful.

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Dadvball 5/26/17

I'll be sending two.  My modified will be mostly stock due to lack of time I can commit to it. We moved a few months ago and most of my time is doing house type mods. 

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