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MikeDoolzinski Wednesday, 7/29/2020

So I've noticed guys like 3dbotmaker and diecastracerx don't post their events on here. Is there any others who operate outside the community? I just wish they'd post events so I could consider racing there. I noticed diecastracerx has his own site but he doesn't post the rules for all the events except his next one up. I'd be interested in a few of his events if I knew the parameters of them.


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LeagueofSpeed 7/29/20
Event coordinator

He post the set of rules usually close to the Event in a YouTube video 

...The next DCR race(diecastracerx) is August 26 and it's a Stock race...Domestic and Imports SUV' Buses mail your cars in with either Track Passes or you can write it on a notecard...notecard per car with all pertinent info...brand...make...weight and name of the car if you gave it one

...cost is $5 per car

...I can PM you there address if interested 

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LeagueofSpeed 7/29/20
Event coordinator

DCR Schedule 

Quater-Mile Championship Aug 26th-Stock

East Ridge Challenge Rally Race September 23rd- Modified

Monster Mash October 26th- Stock 

Quarter-Mile Challenge November 18th- Modified 

Mountain Rally Challenge December 16th- Modified 

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redlinederby 7/29/20
Site manager

The others know more than me when it comes to how/where clubs post their events and rules, like LoS. 

BUT, that being said, if you're participating in races that aren't otherwise being posted here at Redline Derby - PLEASE ask them (or at least recommend) that they check out RLD and consider posting their events here. Or, maybe do them a solid and post one of their races for them with a link to their site.

And I don't suggest that in a business manner but more so because a lot of people end up at Redline Derby when they want to learn more diecast racing, so naturally we want every club represented here because it makes it easy for people to find other clubs and channels. Redline Derby should be the Grand Central Station of diecast racing...a hub where people can go to find new places to race and learn about the sport. Promoting the hobby is what we do best and I would love for everyone to take advantage of that.

  • Here! Here! — MikeDoolzinski
  • And maybe the "majors" like 3DBM don't care because they're getting attention no matter what, but for the smaller operations I think RLD can be a big help to growing their audience. I mean, I'd like to think everyone would want free promotion... — redlinederby
  • I think a lot of people are using Facebook groups. I don't like Facebook and their practices. Won't use it. I know I'll miss out on stuff. Especially all these 50 cent cars that Red Pill is buying up. — MikeDoolzinski
  • I made RLD because I don't like Facebook and playing in other people's sandboxes. I know FB is easier and it works to get an audience but I like to think this web site has a better experience. — redlinederby
  • For me, I've always enjoy companies and/or people with their own website. Looks more processional. — MikeDoolzinski
  • lol! professional... — MikeDoolzinski
  • Not sure why you mention 3D? The only real race you can enter your built vehicle is for KOTM. This event is fully subscribed well into 2021. No entries taken at the moment. He has no other open entry event. You can though donate cars (sposorship) to run in certain events, but understandably they may or may not happen. — CutRock_R_Marc_D
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LeagueofSpeed 7/29/20
Event coordinator

Agreed...RLD is the Mecca of Diecast Racing...the Hub...the Lounge of Diecast.

  • The Diecast Lounge...I like that. Don't forget to tip your wait staff. — redlinederby
  • So is Rld more like the bar at the bowling alley on Roseanne or the nudie bar on Married with children. — MikeDoolzinski
  • Bowling alley, for sure... — redlinederby
  • If we're a bar, I'd like to think it's more like Cheers — redlinederby
  • the diecast lounge! sounds like a Dave Akers special edition diorama... — MikeDoolzinski
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Chaos_Canyon 7/30/20

Totally agree with LoS and RLD (Diescast Lounge lol - love it!) That's why I do what I can to promote it via the DSPN reports as well.

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LeagueofSpeed 7/30/20
Event coordinator

This my have legs...The Diecast brain never stops 

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redlinederby 7/30/20
Site manager

Well bummer, looks like someone already jumped on that a while ago:

Although I have no doubt whatever we would have done with it would have been better ;)

  • ...of course — LeagueofSpeed
  • you know in this disposable world of ours, everything has a price. — MikeDoolzinski
  • well...I was going with The Diecast some form or fashion:) — LeagueofSpeed
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