Project Speeder

tnfishdaddy Monday, 5/19/2014


Yup, I need to find a few of these...

Good pics

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tnfishdaddy 5/19/14

Not a bad looking car. The front view is not great. I don't like the 3 round things on each side. Other than that, I like it. I like the open wheel look.

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Milton-Fox 5/19/14

How did it do on the track?

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tnfishdaddy 5/19/14

I just opened it at work this morning for pictures. I will run it at home this evening and let you know.

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redlinederby 5/19/14
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Neat body...I thought it was a mod at first, looks very thrown together, but I guess that's the idea. But you can also throw orange on just about any car and I'll like it.

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GspeedR 5/20/14

Very cool! I found one of these @ Wally yesterday. Its yet another lightweight offering from Mattel, but mine does roll pretty well on the track. Although its not quite fast enough to dethrone my Civic fastest 2014 new release, so far.


yup, like this casting, like I said Mad Max feel to it... also has anyone else drilled one open? There is something in the back seat...

  • is the engine useable for open wheel hot rods ? — model40fan
  • Is that the same casting? Looks bad ass in black — redlinederby
  • BTW this is pretty fast on the track...32 Ford fast.... — Traction-Event
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