Proof that Mattel still likes us

GspeedR Tuesday, 5/21/2019

To be honest, I don't really pursue too many modern mainlines. The increasing amounts of plastic being used in today's $1 cars doesn't instill much anticipation in a hobby where having more kinetic mass often equates to more potential power and speed. But every now & then, those Mattel designers release new models that clearly show that they're keeping traditional gravity racing in mind. Case in point...the 2019 Roborace Robocar.

Despite it's wild, fantasy-like appearance, this is a scale model of a real car. And while it doesn't exactly tip the scales with abundant mass, the metal upper body & fenders appear to be proportioned with some 'dynamic balance' traits. This car also has an extremely low stance with very little frontal area which should yield a low drag coefficient. What this car lacks is Mattel's traditional turned up front end(not a 'loop' car) and smooth sides(not a 'booster' car either), which means this car is a downhill roller....and a potentially efficient one at that!

Comin' at ya'!! ;-)



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LeagueofSpeed 5/21/19
Event coordinator

Hmmm...interesting, thanks for the update and racing specs.

  • Gotta grab a couple. Think it can be in the Gran Prix?? — MDG_Racing
  • Maybe...not a true open wheel...but I'll take it under consideration. — LeagueofSpeed
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WorpeX 5/21/19

Great to see you here again GspeedR! Haven't seen you around for awhile, thought you had vanished.

Another newer car to take a look at is the HW50. Low profile and big fat tires, I was shocked at how quick it was on my track.

  • It's great to correspond with YOU again too! And I like those BIG wheels on the HW50 as well. Rear bias balance, like the Way2Fast. — GspeedR
  • The HW50 has great potential. At 90g mine had a good run on the BluTrack at D4L — MDG_Racing
  • I’ve got a HW50 - great little runner, I was surprised how it held it’s pace on the flat. I found the 2018 Exotique to be very quick downhill but fade after the transition - not so with the 50 though, great car — RobertBcfc
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MDG_Racing 5/22/19

I recently found a few but only picked up one myself. I like the balanced feel of the lightweight 28g casting. I'm also a huge fan of the RA6 wheels. Mine is decent on the 1/8th mile track. Red Pill said he had one not to impressive. 

A interesting fact is the Mattel connection to the Robocar Roborace series. Previous Hot Wheels designer Jun Imai is the current General Manager USA for Roborace. Good stuff give it a look.

Mattel does a good job of planning today for tomorrow. I think this casting like other fantasy/originals are well worth a roll down the track. 

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WorpeX 5/26/19

Just bought a Roborace car and I must have gotten a dud. It wasn't slow per-say, but it also wasn't exactly impressive. It got demolished by my new Mongoose (which lost to Snake by about 1/4 car length in its first test). I'll certainly have to race it more as that was a tough preliminary race, but i'm not holding onto hopes that it'll be a star. The HW50 on the other hand did beat the Mongoose.....

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