Quien es el jefe? El jefe de la Montaña - 3rd Tournament FULL ROSTER

Tuesday, August 31st, 2021
Hosted by El Jefe de la Montaña
Guingoyo Friday, 6/4/2021

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Rules & restrictions

Only 16 slots

Any 1/64 Cars can Entry

Stock and modified entries allowed
No limit for weight
Should keep original size/length of car.
Limit 2 entry per household
Dry lube only

El Jefe de la Montaña Facebook Group


You can use different wheels ( plastic )
Car should look street legal, meaning it looks like it could in the real world...no crazy add-ons.
Custom paint, decals, etc., is allowed. Keep any images/words on livery PG.

Dates & deadlines

All entries must be received by the host before August 1, 2021.

Racing is scheduled for Saturday, 8/31/2021.

Results will be posted on or after that date as is convenient for the host.

3 videos will post on Youtube
Heat 1 and 2 one video
Heat 3 and 4 second Video
Finals last video

see our track


How to enter
Send your entries to:

259 Council Loop
Columbia SC 29209

Include at least $5.00 for return shipping if you want your entries back. Entries not getting returned may be given to the winner as part of the prize. Include cash or use Paypal.

Please include a Race Entry ID slip with your entry



El Jefe de la Montaña see video down below;

El Jefe de la Montaña Facebook Group


Race format and scoring

1st Place = 5 Points
2nd Place = 3 Points
3rd Place = 2 Points
4th Place = 1 Points
DNF = 0 Points

4 Races / Switch Lanes each races

This will be a single-elimination tournament. one car for each heat will move on in the bracket with the maximum points that he get. Cars will alternate lanes between each race.

The car that wins the final race will be declared the winner.

Bracket seeding will be random.

Race format only 16 cars, 4 heats, final raceday format will be posted if changed.


No penalties


The winner will get 5 cars (I will pay the shipping only for US and Puerto Rico)

1. Ramon Figueroa (Facebook Group)
2. Ramon Figueroa ( Facebook Group)
3. Uncle_Elvis (ARRIVED)
4. Ruckus_Racing
5. Ruckus_Racing
6. WallyChamp73 Arrived 
7. Sneaky_Bob (Arrived)
8. Sneaky_Bob (Arrived)
9. Kaiju_Colorado (ARRIVED 
10. MrDarq (ARRIVED 
11. The_Commish (arrived)
12. Spirit_Of_64
13. Tio Barracho (arrived)
14. Joyce (Facebook Group) (arrived)
15. WallyChamp73 Arrived 
16. BiffKirbySr (arrived)

If you want to enter please comment below, to add your name to the roster only 16 slots

If you sign in and then quit, you will be banned for future races

Big Finals Date TBD (Winner of this tournament goes to the Big Finals)

1. Diego Roman

2. Biff Kirby

Thanks for your support I how you like it.

Include a Race Entry ID slip with your entry


If you sign in and then quit, you will be banned for future races, NOTHING PERSONNAL

thanks for your support

los jefes Guingoyo y Drumian Cuidesen mucho



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NJ Drive Racing would liket to participate!  Let me know, thanks!

  • Wally you always gonna be welcome when then spot is open , I got u just one car ? — Guingoyo
  • I have 2 I can submit. Is that ok? — WallyChamp73
  • Yes — Guingoyo
  • 2 WEEKS LEFT — Guingoyo
  • Sending my cars out to you today! — WallyChamp73
View member profile
Uncle_Elvis 6/6/21

One spot please!

Ruckus Racing would like to make it’s on track debut at this event. Two spots, please. 

View member profile
Sneaky_Bob 6/7/21

Vapor Racing will take 2 slots please.

Piggy 2 Lil' from Monster Motorsports would like to enter!

View member profile
MrDarq 6/8/21

Mr. Darq from Dubious Diecast would like a spot please. 

View member profile
The_Commish 6/8/21

The Commish from Dollar Diecast Daily racing would like to compete as well!

I'd like one spot please!

  • I got u , don't forget to follow us on yt and Facebook — Guingoyo
  • Thanks, and I'm already following! — Spirit_Of_64
  • 2 WEEKS LEFT — Guingoyo
  • thanks — Guingoyo
  • Just shipped! Should get there on the 19th, and the tracking # is 9500 1122 9584 1196 2784 46 — Spirit_Of_64
  • No problem Spirit_Of_64 thanks for your support — Guingoyo
  • don't forget to join my Facebook Group for any updates — Guingoyo
View member profile
DamDiecast 6/9/21

Tio Barracho From DamDiecast would like to participate please.

Biff Kirby here I'm in

View member profile
Guingoyo 7/13/21


  • My entry's all finished and will be shipped out tomorrow! — Spirit_Of_64
  • You should have my cars now. — Sneaky_Bob
View member profile
The_Commish 7/16/21

Still racing... will get my car out this week.

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