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Race of the Rising Sun 2022 - FULL

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GrumpyCloud 5/16/22

I'd like a spot if there is still room.  Thanks.

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Numbskull 5/16/22

This will be awesome.  Count me in please.

-Numbskull Racing.

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ShannonBR 5/16/22

Down Squad Racing would like to be in!

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Uncle_Elvis 5/16/22

I want a spot if you have one

  • You are in! You have the last roster spot. The next 5 entries will be placed on the alternate list. — Kaiju_Colorado
  • Woot! — Uncle_Elvis

The main roster is now FULL. The next 5 entries will be placed on the alternate list. I only list 5 alternates.

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CraigsterSr 5/16/22

Put me down as an alterbate please!

Craigster Sr. - Hot Nuts Diecast

Caught this lte due to working.

throw me in as an alternate please 

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Too_kay 5/24/22

I gotta start paying attention..Put me down as an alternate please

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DeeJay 6/3/22

Ok, I know your full, but could you put me down as alternate

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Endcount 6/21/22

I'd love to be on the alternate list if it's still available. 

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Uncle_Elvis 6/23/22

En route

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NDeavers80 7/6/22

Throw my name as an alt please

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