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Redline Derby Showroom thread

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LeagueofSpeed 9/16/20
Event coordinator

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Mattman213 9/18/20

I havnt posted any of my builds lately so here are 3 I just completed.

The Bone Scraper will be in this month's RLDRL at Red Pills

Not sure what Im gonna do with the F150's at the moment.  They made the trip out to RedPill's for some fun/testing.  The F'nFifty that I built for King of the Mountain was super fun so I got out a handful of F150's to try some other ideas.  The Blue and Grey ones are finished and the 3rd is on the back burner.

Grey F150 is a super laid back Mod with smaller wheels to allow it to be lowered without doing any body mods.  Its quicker than I expected to be honest but not quite elite.  I detailed it out after this pic but didnt take another before packing it up.  Looks like something you would maybe see on the street.

The Blue F150 is literally put together from scrap pieces and parts I had left over from the F'nFifty build and a couple other donor trucks Ive taken apart over time.  It is more aggressive on the mod than the Grey truck.  It ended up being slightly quicker than the Grey one in the end tho quite a bit uglier.

The 3rd truck will be more in between if I ever get around to it.  I have quite a few bodies to choose from but need to move on to other builds at the moment so Im putting it on hold.


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Chaos_Canyon 9/20/20

New custom I completed today for a friend - wheels were removed, gold stripped off the rims and repainted by hand. 2 shades of green/teal paint - darker/bluer colour on the bottom and more green on top - airbrushed on, interior repainted and details highlighted on the body. Axles polished and graphited as well.

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Mayfield41 9/21/20


Wanting to find a push guard for the front.  Might have to make one.

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