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Redline Derby Showroom thread

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69 Dodge Charger 500 designed by Phil Riehlman.  Ready to head out for Nick Deaver's Muscle Mania 2021.   Here is the actual car it was based on (didn't quite get the stance right).

Stretched out Ford F-150 - 150 grams

  • More like an F350 now. Any tricks you can share for extending/joining body parts? — TheMakersBox
  • Sucker is fast too I hear. The MakersBox, LOTS and LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of sanding. — Mattman213
  • JB Weld and extra metal strips to strengthen the bond — BlueLineRacing
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Mattman213 1/4/21

Blueline showin off his super stretch so here is one of mine along with some other mods headed his way to try and give that beast of an F150 a hard time!

Super Shelby.  This is a heavyweight due to its length.  I started this car to compete in the Dec RLDRL but the body was too long so I sat it aside and built the Bounty Hunter instead.  I love how this sucker turned out.  MIGHT toss some racing decals on it and numbers to break up the huge amount of dead space but then again, sleak is always good.

Here are the rest of the newer entries along with some that are older with a refresh.  The Way2Fast is a proven winner that got a quick freshening up and nothing more.  The gold Mirada was headed in a great direction but a flaw (100% my fault too) with the chassis where the wheel touched ate a strange groove into the back of one of the rear wheels.  Ive tried a different lube method as a bandaid fix so that it could compete but Im expecting it will be bottom of the pack.  It will get a new set of rear wheels when it comes home.  The Supra WAS the fastest sub 60g car I had in my possesion until the first test of the Bounty Hunter so rather than let it sit I decided to send it out and see how it fares!

Couple mid weight cars.  The Shelby made its debut at Blueline's track and did ok but its coming back with a little extra weight in hopes of finding redemption.  The truck is a new build from a couple wheel donors that I had laying around.  All aero so its gonna be interesting for sure.

Speaking of all muscle, no aero, I had two of those trucks I robbed wheels off of so I figured...lets load one up and make a heavy out of it.  I could have made it WAAAY heavier but decided to hold back in hopes that it would be enough as is and potentially last longer.  The Stiletto has raced before at Red Pill's RLDRL race but didnt do as well as I had hoped, especially with how buttery smooth its wheels were.  When I got it home I noticed that 3 of the 4 axles had come completely loose from the axle tubes (an issue I was having often when it was build).  Because of the tubes, the only class it would qualify for would be the heavy weight class at Blueline's so I packed it as full of weight as I could and put it back together.  Its light for the class but might still have a chance to make some waves who knows.  These are my first mods over 70g's outside of the KotM entries so it will be a learning experience for sure.


  • Now there are some real examples modified cars. I’ll never have the patience to do the kind of body work you do. Awesome cars, can’t wait to see them run. — BlueLineRacing
  • I rushed through most of these and left them as is but I wanted to make sure the Shelby was as nice as I could get it. I want to find a way to do more of a gold chrome for the Mirada when it comes back but for now itll do! — Mattman213

My family of Muscle Bound customs.  I am also working on a track version.  This is by far my favorite fantasy casting.

  • It's a great base casting and mine so far are all very fast from stock — Chaos_Canyon

My latest custom - a tribute to an MFP Interceptor that ahs been through the wars

  • Awesome work! Big fan of mad max and anything post apocalype.. — Wasteland_Racing

The name's Jrad. I'm new around here, but I thought I'd show off some of my new builds.

First up is the Sledge-Hummer.
It started out life as a maisto hummer H2, with rusty bent axles, and offroad tires. I've since changed those out for some new polished hot wheels axles, made it much more heavier with some lead weights, and touched it up with some sharpie markers and a clear coat. it now clocks in at 98 grams and is ready to go racing!

And finally, we have the Beast. a hot wheels cadillac escalade, which I've given a massive supercharger from an old tooned ford lightning casting I had lying around. I've increased this caddy's weight to 92 grams, And gave it the same polished axle treatment I gave the Sledge-Hummer.

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