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Redline Derby Showroom thread

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dr_dodge 10/1/23

116 gram ramp car for joust


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Kingjester 10/1/23

Don't let the stock look fool you, even without paint and the wheels original to the car, it packs 55.8 grams and with graphited axels, polished axels, and sanded wheels. The police at M.C.R hot pursuit better watch out

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FredD 10/3/23

Here are my two completed '71 Road Runners... Stoopid Fish Racing Team. Custom paint and decals. A little before and after...

'71 Plymouth Roadrunners

  • Dang Fred first I modify a Plymouth roadrunner now you, great minds think alike. Nice builds — Kingjester
  • Sugar sweet — Numbskull
  • Thank you guys! KJ... I saw yours above... very nice. — FredD

Ford Fan race, headin' out

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FredD 10/8/23

Two new JDM racers...

hold my spot


New out of the production line ;) Of course they have other Wheels for racing! ;)

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dr_dodge 10/9/23

Lake sanitation off to joust (w/o the monster thuck)

need trash service call 6172


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Numbskull 10/9/23

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dr_dodge 10/17/23

the car that went to bolo browns race
4 wire wiskers suspension
gonna dampen it a bit and send it to hairy man


  • what did that brass plate weigh? — FredD
  • Way cool, Used Hair clip on entry for GTR, did ok but I think cutting axel slots on the interior needed to be deeper to allow more travel of tires. Going to try Bobby Pins, Probably be a Disaster! — Bent_Rod_Racing
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BlueLineRacing 10/17/23

Gravity Throttle Racing Braggin Wagon.

  • super cool — Numbskull
  • Nice Looking Datsun — Bent_Rod_Racing
  • Nice details — G_ForceRacing
  • Damn...Nice. I think Redpill used to use rubber bands to set his axles. But that contraption looks super cool. Well done Sir. — Go_Time
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G_ForceRacing 10/18/23

Going to MCM's mini truck madness 

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