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Redline Derby Showroom thread

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LeagueofSpeed 4/9/20
Event coordinator

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Mattman213 4/9/20

Chick Hicks Luke and I are putting together. 

All we need now is to paint the wheels yellow and find someone to produce the decals and its good.  Its quick too and I didnt do anything special, just happens to like the wheels I guess!

Putting that Buick together has got me putting together more HW Stockers with Nascar wheels.  Sent my Mirada to Red Pills and the Torino to Redline for races and Ive got a bunch more in the works.  Love em!  Currently tracking down all the castings I can that would fit the part.

EDIT: Thought Ide add this one. 

Luke calls it "McQueen Fairmont".  Got the wheels and axles from some random Nascar casting that only says China on the bottom.  They are skinny just like the Fairmont and the axles are thicker than standard Hot Wheels axles.  Its not very fast because of that BUT it is faster than it was when we started!  I normally steal the older GHO's from Luke when we go hunting but he latched onto this Fairmont and I couldnt say no.  The wheels were locked up and garbage and there was some abuse damage on the frame/grill.  Its a winner now to him tho and I like it enough that Im making one as well!


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Mcjiggles9 4/9/20

Got these two I'm sending to Utah for Diecast64s monthly racing. Really tried to focus on wheel/axel tips including sanding, polishing, Axel farming, graphite, and even attempted to remove a few vibrations from the axel heads. You guys impress me with the detailed work and mostly success you have! Hoping these guys can keep up with the field.

1979 Ford F-150 [55g]

Chrysler 300C [57g]

  • Look good with wheels that are often solid performers. Hope they do well for you. — Mattman213
  • Nice work!!! — LeagueofSpeed
  • Really like the truck. My cars that were going to go to diecast 64 didnt roll after back together. So maybe next month. — Mayfield41
  • The truck looks great. Was that stock ride height or did you adjust it? — Chaos_Canyon

Top and sido shelf, some customs I've made. Bottom shelf screen time hotwheels.

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Chaos_Canyon 4/13/20

Ok, so this is not meant to be a showroom piece, but a battered and cobbled together wasteland car. One of the first builds for the Chaos Canyon track, as I want a fleet of apocalyptic  vehicles.

This was a Baja Bone Shaker to begin with, which couldn't make it through the first turn as it was too high and would roll out of the track every time, so I knew I wanted to lower it. It's rough but was a ton of fun to build and it actually goes nicely on the track. I'm thinking I'll call it the 'Bone Breaker' instead, unless someone can come up with a better name.

Might be the strangest vehicle to ever run at Race Mountain Speedway but King Boo embraces his weirdness haha

King Boo was made from a classic 70's HW 31 Doozie and a modern HW Hyper Rocker. He's 110g of pure aggravated chaos.

  • Looks wicked! — Chaos_Canyon
  • Def stands out. Hope it does you well! — Mattman213
  • Thanks guys! Ran it down my track about 60 times today. Hoping for a good run out west! — RustBeltRacing

Got both my entries for King of the Mountain done and tested. King Boo (left) is a full custom franken-car that's a 31 Doozie mixed with a Hyper Rocker and donor wheels weighing in at 110g. Princess (right) is a 67 GTO with custom body mods to look like a dirt track racer and donor wheels weighing in at 102g. Both have custom waterslide decals and paint. Time to head out west!

  • Woah I actually really like the Dirt Track GTO!!! — Mattman213
  • Nice! Loving the dirt track racer too.Would look good on my track :) — Chaos_Canyon
  • Thanks guys! I always wanted to build one because I love dirt track racing. — RustBeltRacing
  • Love the Princess...nice job. — redlinederby
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Foursix 4/21/20

First track car I've ever built, no build pics, I built it in like 4 hours! I hope it's not too heavy or light for rules anywhere, don't even have a scale. I guess I don't want to give away any secrets anyway, haha! Still needs decals and clear coats, I jumped the gun putting it together but I was excited. It started life as the new black 2008 Lancer Evolution, the rear wheels were sourced from the 2018 camo camaro SS because I knicked a wheel. The body is just stripped and polished. Under the hood is a secret????

  • I found a scale in the kitchen and it's weighing in at 74g! — Foursix
  • Little heavy for races you will find around here. 60g's is generally what you will see. Welcome to the modding side of things. It's fun — Mattman213
  • I've got a drill if I need weight reduction, haha! — Foursix
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Foursix 4/21/20

The start of my new found addiction!

  • Addicted? Me? Nah, I can quit any time I like! — PeteB
  • What brand is the skyline? I need one of those lol — GTRguy83
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LeagueofSpeed 4/21/20
Event coordinator

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Mayfield41 4/22/20

I worked on this for a couple of weeks. Weighs just under 57 for the open mod class for diecast64 race in May. 

  • Ive only got one of em and Im betting a simple shave of the side pipes like you did is all it needs to be really quick! Good job! — Mattman213
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GTRguy83 4/23/20

None of these are good for racing bit customs none the less

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