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Redline Derby Showroom thread

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LeagueofSpeed 4/27/20
Event coordinator

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LeagueofSpeed 4/29/20
Event coordinator

The Judge

One of a kind Car hauler. Latest custom, hand built using the cab from Gotta Go (that wierd toilet bowl truck thing) everything else was hand built out of palight scraps and some styrene

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Uncle_Elvis 5/1/20

  • Where did you get that engine and exhaust? — Chaos_Canyon
  • Comes like that I believe — LeagueofSpeed
  • It is the tooned casting, engine and exhaust look like that — Uncle_Elvis
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Mattman213 5/1/20

Since racing is non-existant around here lately I thought it was a good time to finally get on my KotM builds to keep busy and stay sane.  Finished them up this afternoon and will be mailing them out today if all goes well.

The Faddy and the F'nFifty.

Ive never competed in this kind of race before and honestly have NO clue if these will even qualify well, much less be competitive at all but I gave it my all and if nothing else...they might look good if they make a race!  I have not put this much work into any single Mod to date and alot of it kinda flies in the face of what little I know to work (weight bias, wheel choice etc) but I did my research, asked around some, said a prayer and got to it.  They are both very different setups and yet they swap wins with a consistency thats eerie to watch on my track.  The Faddy is as heavy as I dared go with BIG wide wheels.  The F'nFifty is low and wide with the weight spread low and its nowhere near the weight capacity.  I probably coulda gone full out on the weight but decided to try it a tad lighter.  They are fast in a straight line which is proving to be crucial on 3d's new track setup so we shall see what happens.

OH and I wouldnt rule out body parts falling off the F'nFifty if things get too rowdy out there LOL


  • They look great. Is the Faddy stretched? — Chaos_Canyon
  • No its actually shaved a bit to meet the 82mm length requirement! Thats why the grill is cut out the way it is. I made sure it was within every spec so as not to have any surprises — Mattman213
  • Loving the F-150! How did you get it so low? Best of luck to you! — Secondhand_Speed
  • LOTS of fiddling. I will do a "build thread" for it down the road when I have more time! — Mattman213
  • I’m a big fan of both those castings. Great job — BlueLineRacing
  • 'Preciate it. Now we just gotta hope they perform as well as they look! — Mattman213
  • They look fantastic Matt! Cheers — Cutty_Marc_D
  • Got word that they made the trip safe and sound and both laid down super respectable qualifying times. Now the wait till one or both is featured! — Mattman213
  • Those ran some great times in qualifying. My Caddy DNQ for being too long. 3d says he’s only running one car per person so my 69 Nova will have to do. Really wanted to see what that Caddy was capable of. — BlueLineRacing
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LeagueofSpeed 5/1/20
Event coordinator

I'm a fan of Fats all the way around 

  • I didnt even know Mach Daddy had em based on the videos of it killing the Mountain. I loved that car!!! — Mattman213
  • Oh yeah...I'll be interested to watch on the narrower track — LeagueofSpeed
  • Yeah honestly with it being 2 lanes a good ways down, as it sits the quicker car wins outside of the two recently that both DNF'd constantly. The old track seemed like there was more to it that straight speed. Had to fight, stay headed in the right direction and do it quicker than the opponent. Itll be fun to see when the quicker cars start facing each other and it gets rough! — Mattman213

Finally finished my blown 442. Fun project, but unibody interiors are always a pain in the rear because there are parts that are mandatory to keep to be able to put it back together, much easier when you can just ditch the interior and add weight. 

  • Nice. Drag track or fat track car? — Chaos_Canyon
  • I'm slowly working on one myself. I am grinding off the seat as it is in my way of what I want to do. So needless to say I havent been working on it regularly. Been getting my cars ready to go compete at diecast 64. I'll post my team when done — Mayfield41
  • I dig it! — Mattman213

Ditched the rubber Goodyear’s and put on some UltraHots.

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LeagueofSpeed 5/6/20
Event coordinator

  • Is that the older build you were talking about freshening up? — Mattman213
  • One of two that are getting a tune-up — LeagueofSpeed
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Mayfield41 5/22/20

Anybody ever see The Wraith. The race scene to start the movie. Lose the race, lose your car. I love that movie and I am going to try to recreate those cars. I shopped for the Daytona and found the Kenner vette. When I seen the vette it reminded me of Packards vette and thought I want to do that. I know this is for completed but was excited about this project. 

  • Ha heck yeah pretty awesome/terrible/but awesome movie — Mattman213

  • Think I saw those posted on Facebook, your KotM entries? Would be fun to see a showdown of the Caddies! — Mattman213
  • Yes, I mailed them in around May 4 but I haven’t received any response as to whether they were received. Hope to see you on the track. They both weigh about 114.5 g — BlueLineRacing
  • Caddy was too long for KOTM. Damn, she was fast and low. I think I’ll send it to Australia and see what it can do on Simons track — BlueLineRacing

first this custom midnight Otto. Stolen wheels from a 1:43, removed the front and added the motor.

ive made this Honda replicating one that I've owned.

one of my favourite customs, Dodge Demon

this one was done for a Halloween contest. It came out on second. Used de HW50 as a base, wheels and rear lights from an 1:43,and some tubing for the motor etc.

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