Resurrecting the well played with

Chaos_Canyon Wednesday, 5/6/2020

Just got about 30 cars for $9 that were all 'well played with' and it was a great find. There are some awesome cars that I wanted (69 Charger, 57 t-bird, corvette etc) but they'r ein bad shape. Most wheels are pitted, axles bent, some plastic craks etc but I'm really stoked overall. I'm planning to resurrect about half of them with new paint, axles and wheels. Some will be for racing and some will be for display (maybe, but most likely will be raced) but just looking forwad to being able to bring some life back to them.

The family that owned them before also did a few 'custom' paint jobs with markers by the looks of it, bit that is all very easily fixed. Will post progress photos of them as I get into them properly, but here's the collection as it stands now

These are the first ones I'll be working to resurrect

And also these 3 - the Cobra Mustang actually rolls pretty well, just needs a basic clean up I think

And these are the ones that may be used in my junkyard diorama instead. Haven't fully decided yet


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GTRguy83 5/6/20

Nice! Everyone around me selling hit wheels wants like $100 for 8 cars or something crazy like that.

  • Yeah, there's plenty of those too, but they are normally in good condition and in packaging, unlike this lot. Quite happy with this lot and really keen to get a few of them looking pretty again — Chaos_Canyon
  • Can't wait to see what you come up with. — GTRguy83
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Mattman213 5/7/20

I buy junk cars all the time to resurrect and often end up racing them.  Its fun and I enjoy them more than 99% of newer castings.  I especially like when I take a junker and with some wheel work alone get it back into fighting form.   Have fun!


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LeagueofSpeed 5/7/20
Event coordinator

This car wouldn't even roll down the slid

  • Did you just give it a clean up or swap the wheels/axles? — Chaos_Canyon
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