RLD Nationals 2020 - 55 & 57 Chevy

LeagueofSpeed Monday, 7/8/2019
Event coordinator

While planning the Summer Series...I realized how many cool castings there are and how many Summer's it would take to run all of them...so if you enjoy the Summer Series races...then get ready for the RLD Nationals...a yearly series event from Jan - Mar...always ending before Mar 21st...looking for 7 - 8 races in this Series. The inaugural RLD Nationals will feature the 55 and 57 Chevy and we'll be going 65g...I'll get the official thread posted on or before September 1st...at least 4 months before we go Green on Tobacco Road...we will cap at 32 teams/64 cars again as the maximum.

Now go get some Chevy's 


I'm in. I actually have those. Any chevy's with in the year limit I'm assuming.

Is this Hot Wheels only, or are other diecast companies allowed?

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LeagueofSpeed 7/10/19
Event coordinator

This is what we'll be racing...believe this is a 57 Chevy

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41-14 7/11/19

We’re in for three spots. Should be a fun series. 

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Dadvball 7/11/19

I'm in. I'll have 2 57's ready by then. 

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MDG_Racing 7/14/19

Oh yeah. First car I rode in as a child. 57 Chevy white w/red interior. Dad drove it until 1969 when he got his F-100. 

You know I'm bring it. Got plenty of these begging to be modified. Both years.  Down for hosting a round too!

Are gasser aloud?

I'm in for 2 gassers for my self

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NDeavers80 7/20/19

I'll build something

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LeagueofSpeed 7/27/19
Event coordinator

Bagging and Tagging for the RLD Nationals 2020

I will be there with 2 cars

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LeagueofSpeed 8/4/19
Event coordinator

Official Race thread will hit Sept 1st...but it's 55 and 57 Chevy's....NO Nomads...55 Gasser is eligible...

...all of the Legions builds are lined-up and in the pipeline...so basically 5 months to build as of now and 4 months once the official race thread is posted...Good Luck on your Builds!!!!

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