Season 6, Week 4 preview

redlinederby Tuesday, 9/13/2011
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We're halfway through the season, so it's time to put your foot the floor and make up some time. Tournaments this week go a bit into the depths of the car pool, grabbing a few of the under-raced and even a few rookies a long the way. But don't discount a few tried-and-true racers heading down the track.

Back of the Pack - This is a tournament of the unloved. With the rating restriction set at 1180, I consider this tournament somewhat hard to pick thanks to limited data. Few of these cars have raced each other so their ratings aren't necessarily a good way to judge, instinct might be your best bet here. Favorites in this bracket are most certainly Fast Felion and the Ferrari, but Shoebox really surprised me in past matches and the Javelin could put up quite a fight. The Chevy Stocker is the heaviest car in the bunch but I don't foresee much action there The Dodge Concept is an all-metal mama that doesn't have a good record, but it has gone up against some tough competition in the past, so now might be the car's chance to shine. The darkhorse in this whole mess has to be Fire Eater.

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Will another rookie see gold this week?

Hand me Downhill - This is a tournament of all donated cars and without any other restrictions, this could be a bracket of epic proportions. A few rookies in this set including the Studebaker truck, 80s Corvette, Baja Bug and the Shadow Jet. Shadow Jet made its debut last week in Washington but put on an impressive display so I expect this car to go far. I have high hopes for the Studebaker if for no other reason than it's an awesome casting. You'll notice this is a new Baja Bug without the off-road tires, so this little Beetle could be a winner, it's heavy enough to be somewhat of a safe bet. Turobelence turned out to be a dud on JDC's track but maybe it just needed a change in venue? It's heavy and a decent shape so it could be the underdog. Of course, Stockar and Bon Voyage are both in this game too and I wouldn't be surprised one or both of them ended up in the final round...although I think Stockar has its work cut out for it against Shadow Jet in the first round. Your bracket will make or break in the first or last match-ups in round one.

Head over to the game and make your picks before this Saturday.

And don't forget to check out what's happening in the world of League Teams! Commissioner SeattleGreyy is working his butt off and the fruits of his labor are not going unnoticed. Do you part and join in the trash talk.


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JDC442 9/14/11

I'm trying somethin' different this week. Gotta get back into the thick of things!

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