Sick new car case

SavageSpeeder Tuesday, 10/23/2018

My dad hand cut & built it. My mom hand painted purple & yellow (go vikes). It holds 873 cars. It has 3 different rows of shelves. The door is plexy glass. The 1st row of shelves opens like a door. The 2nd slides out & The 3rd is stationary. It features color changing lights. We organized in groups as in genre. Star wars, NASCAR, etc. I dont have enough cars to fill the 3rd row(thats a good problem, room to grow).


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redlinederby 10/23/18
Site manager

Wow, that's pretty awesome. At first thought it was a converted vending machine or something. 

So it has like 3 layers of shelving? Like it's 3 deep, and each one is hinged?

Great to see you have 2 reasons to be for the collection and one for it being family-made. Bravo!

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SavageSpeeder 10/24/18

The 2nd one is on a slider& the third stays still. It was a VERY late bday gift (3 months) but I love it.

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LeagueofSpeed 10/24/18
Event coordinator

That's Awesome!!!


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Jav74 10/24/18

Very cool. 

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SavageSpeeder 10/24/18

Thanks guys. Now when I'm looking for a car to enter ur race's I can find them easier. 

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