Starting a new track...

Stoopid_Fish_Racing Monday, 7/8/2024

I am in the design phase for my diecast track... making some progress on a layout and I decided I will call my new track the Blue Ridge Rallycross and made a few logos and voila... I got a train! Well, my track needs a train, what can I say! Run the Ridge!

Blue Ridge Railway


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Chris_Hood 7/8/24

I know nothing about trains, but boy howdy that's some nice painting on it!! I even like the script for "BR Railroad"

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AbbyNormal 7/8/24

Totally great job - great graphics. I gotta get dialed in on doing decals

The Stoopid Fish always does GREAT graphic and detail work!   RUN THE RIDGE!

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StrayDog 7/8/24

That is a sweet looking train! Can't wait to run the ridge!

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Banjo 7/9/24

That looks great! Can't wait to see the whole track. 

That is Beautiful! Can't wait to see her Run. And the Caboose you did is just as Sweet!

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alva1370 7/9/24

Wow, you got talent. That’s art.

Looking good. I always enjoy new tracks new builders. Make this hobby/sport/life the bigger the better. The more the merrier!! Good luck ready to see some racing

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dr_dodge 7/15/24

that looks great


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GryphonSoul 7/15/24

Gorgeous paint, awesome detailing and stunningly beautiful work. 

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Marco_Polo 7/16/24

Nicely done !    Cant wait to  see and run the track !!

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