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BlueLineRacing Thursday, 12/23/2021

Donavan Kinyon. AKA Gray Wizard-Golden Owl Racing hosted his first race. Subscribe to his channel and support a much needed host in the Diecast drag race community. For those of you racing in the F-150 Circuit here is a sneak peak at his track.


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redlinederby 12/23/21
Site manager

Awesome to see Golden Owl jump in the pool! Racing looks great! I was bummed I missed the van race (totally forgot about it, my fault) but it is nice to see another straight line track to challenge builders. And I know Donavan and BRD will just get better and better. 

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DXPRacing 12/23/21

Fantastic Van race!!  Good looking customs and speed!  Subscribe and watch!

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CaShMoneyBoyS 12/23/21

His set up is legit and he took the time to have a carshow during the selection process also! Great Job!!

Cheers for the track info.

Merry Christmas

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KCLH_Racing 12/30/21

Awesome - Subscribed and i hit that notification bell too. Now time to enjoy the show.

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MarkRich21 1/4/22

Niiiice first race! Is this track featured here on the page, too?

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Vern01 1/9/22

Cool! Gonna check it out and sub right away.

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GoldenOwl 1/9/22

Thank you for sharing my channel BlueLine! 

  • Donavan, do you answer questions on your channel, or here? I´m asking because I´m already a subscriber thanks to the introduction here. Great race theme and great coverage, too! — MarkRich21
  • Either way is cool with me. — GoldenOwl
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