Surprise care package

Dadvball Saturday, 6/23/2018

Last night my wife gave me a box that had come in the mail. I recognized the sender's name and thought it was cars being retuned after a mail-in race. To my surprise it was a nice care package from Mopar Mafia!  It had some sweet cars in it that I had just passed on getting because I didn't feel like standing in line (don't have to now lol). Plus a red VW pickup I hadn't seen yet.  It was a nice ending to a long week. 

So thank you very much MM for the care package!  They've been cracked open but not run yet as my track is half apart while I build an 8' table top drag strip. 


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Mopar_Mafia 6/26/18

you're welcome. You sent me before just returning the favor

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