Tapping for screws, how?

redlinederby Tuesday, 6/30/2015
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Looking at some of the Truck-O-Rama entries, I noticed a couple had some screws on the bottom that reconnected to the existing body poles. I know (I think) that this is "tapping" but I have no idea how it's done. It's mentioned a lot and shows up a lot but always just as "tap your screw" or whatever...can anyone video/photo how it's done to a car and share what tools are needed to do it?

Is it something you do to the poles? Need a special screw? Sounds like it needs precision but maybe it's easier than I think.

Being able to screw/unscrew a car body is an awesome way to test mods and even retweak after a tournament for re-entry later. If anyone can share and demonstrate for us un-skilled folks, that would be awesome.


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KandORacing 6/30/15

I too would like to see, I like the idea because I change how much weight is in a car between races, so I can enter a car in a Lightweight race, then a heavyweight.

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fordman 6/30/15

carl screwed all his cars... some redline car restorers do to...

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CrzyTrkrDude 6/30/15


Been wanting to buy this myself.


  • Hand tools
  • Screw size is 2/56
  • Will need precision Phillips head screw driver set

Found this video


First drill down the center of the rivet with that tiny bit.

Then pop the rivet head off. ( with the normal size you use. )

Don't go too deep into the base or the screw will go through.

Pop the car apart.

Use the tapping tool with gentle but firm pressure and slowly ( and perfectly straight) into the post hole. 

Reassemble for depth check of the tapped hole.


If is OK, cover hole with tape to prevent paint from getting in.

If not, tap it a little deeper. 

The trick I guess is to drill the post deep enough, without drilling through the topside.

Strip, paint etc

I've not done it yet. But it sounds fairly straight forward.

Practice on donor cars first.

And tap the holes before you paint to protect the finish.


  • (still looking for where I found the screws to buy. I think it was eBay or the train section at a hobby store. or rc car section — CrzyTrkrDude
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redlinederby 6/30/15
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Sweet, thanks for finding that video. So it really boils down to tools and a steady hand it seems. Need to get one of those threading kits and handles, then it's just drilling and patience...and really tiny screws. Neat.

  • no problem. I'm gonna try it soon too. good luck!! — CrzyTrkrDude
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fordman 7/1/15

if you can, buy an extra tap and gring it flat on the end... this will let you cut threads deeper into the drilled hole than the stock tap does... oh the memories !

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iswingping 7/7/15

Hi guys,

I've been trying to perfect this, but here is what o have so far.

2-56x 3/8" button head socket cap

2-56x 3/16" button head socket cap

Both from Copperstate Nut and Bolt.  2-56 tap and #50 drill bit from Ace.  My dad is a retired machinist.  I am not.  My precision and patience are not even close to his.  I have tried tapping the original body posts.  Some success, some failure.  I have an idea I have not tried yet.  I bought a small, solid round aluminum tube, K&S Metals.  I will tap the tube and JB Weld it anywhere I need to on the body.

Good luck,


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