Rollin' 4 the Dogs (Charity Race - No Limit)

Saturday, March 1st, 2025
Hosted by Indiana Diecast Racing
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IndianaDiecastRacing Wednesday, 6/5/2024

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This is a charity race for Beagles R Us Rescue based out of northern Indiana!

Rules & restrictions

  • Modified entries only
  • 100g maximum weight
  • 3.25in. long x 1.5in. tall x 1.25in. wide
    • Note: Excessively tall, wide, or long cars will struggle (or stop completely) in turn 2!  Push the limits at your own risk.
  • Limit No limit ($5 charity donation per car) entries per household
  • Vehicles must conform to 1 of 4 divisions:
    • Division 1: Recycles (cars that have raced in other events)
      Division 2: Castings we love to hate (to be specified in the redline derby event)
      Division 3: Animal-themed cars (not just paint or decals on regular cars, cars that look like animals)
      Division 4: JDM / Supercar / American Muscle
  • Dry lube only

Dates & deadlines

All entries must be received by the host before Saturday, 3/1/2025. Racing is expected to last most or all of the year. Results will be posted on or after that date as is convenient for the host.

How to enter

Contact the tournament host to get the shipping address for entry.

Include at least $5-10 for return shipping if you want your entries back.

Include a Race Entry ID slip with your entry - be sure to indicate which division you're entering (assuming it's not obvious).


On the Savage Square. Cars must be able to fit through the Spool Heads crossover sections in turns 1 and 2.

Race format and scoring

4-car groups (4,3,2,1), 2 cars advancing (sometimes 1 depending on # of total entries)

Groups will typically run 4 laps, though 8 may be used in later rounds


No points for DNFs


Division Champs

Overall Champ

Best in Show


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Definitely keep us posted. As a beagle owner, I'm interested. My beagle, Brownie is in the Run With the Big Dogs race, driving her Paw Shaker (Bone Shaker) so I'll have to come up with another car to run here if I can find one to fit the format when you decide.

  • that's an awesome custom! — IndianaDiecastRacing
  • Thank you. I'm tempted to make another one with slightly different graphics. I bought extra Bone Shakers to play around with. — Billys_Midway_Racing
  • I also have some NASCAR Taurus castings coming for custom paint and tuning for the NASCAR any generation race, so I'm working on paint schemes and decals for those cars too. — Billys_Midway_Racing
  • Love that car! Great work bro'!! — G_ForceRacing
  • Thank you! I definitely watched too many YouTube videos of restoring and customizing diecast cars. I can’t seem to slap a number on a car and send it. I just hope I can make them fast and stable while I’m making them pretty. — Billys_Midway_Racing
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PuffsRacing 6/5/24

What ever the race is im in 

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Numbskull 6/5/24

This will be fun.

  • I can only imagine what will come from Numbskull Racing, but they're guaranteed to be fast and have awesome looking wheels! — IndianaDiecastRacing

Hold a place for me please.

I'm finally in at IDR. Looking forward to it!!

Whatever the vehicle format is, if I can find one (or more) to build, I'll be in!

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Sam_Haul 6/6/24

Man, I hope it's the "already raced" option.  So many losers to send your way.  If it ends up being that, I propose you call the tournament "This Dud's for You".

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RaginRicky 6/6/24

Count me in!!

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dr_dodge 6/6/24

dr dodge will throw his hat in the ring


Count New Jersey Drive Racing in for 2 entries!

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dr_dodge 6/6/24

I encourage everyone to vote on you tube

recycled cars for the win!

got a couple


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MrDarq 6/8/24

In I will try 13 entries. :)

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