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Rollin' 4 the Dogs (Charity Race - No Limit)

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Bolo_Brown 6/8/24

Oh yeah i've been waiting For your next tournament, sign me up, please. 

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MQHracing 6/9/24

Have to be in on this one

I want in please 

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RaSungod 6/12/24

I still have hope fpr the pets, but I'll crack open an oldie to get sent in if I must.

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AbbyNormal 6/13/24

Our dog Libby will bravely drive whatever the heck I can sling together. Put me in

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Kingjester 6/13/24

I guess I'll also throw my cap into the ring. It would be my first time racing at Indiana diecast

I'd like to enter a couple of these divisions. 

I'd like to send my bone shaker from "Run With the Big Dogs" if it's back to me in time. If not, I'll be able to send you at least 1 other recycled car. It's on my calendar for 6-ish months from now. Expecting 2-4 entries

I'm in.

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PuffsRacing 7/5/24

I want in. 

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StrayDog 7/5/24

I'll get in for a couple if there's still room!

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RLoRacing 7/5/24

Time to prep another army

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