This weeks racing in Texas.

Jobe Monday, 7/18/2011

Just wanted to let you guys know...I do so swear that I will not test any of the cars on my 50' track prior to the actual races.
I can't even set up the track until Saturday evening so...I'm making my best guesses tonight!

Looking forward to participating in the League races and the mail in tournament.



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WorpeX 7/18/11

I better not be seeing you get a perfect bracket!

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JDC442 7/20/11

I trust you Bryan, but a perfect score might raise suspicion. 'Best guesses' is about right on these races!

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Jobe 7/20/11

I'm guessing right along with you guys. When I finally got my 50' track set up, the only cars I had with me were the ones that came in the 50' track pak. The all metal Firebird and Charger.

LOL, I sold the Hot Bird and Charger for double what I paid for my first roll of track. I was lucky and found a couple of rolls in the clearance section of K-Mart one day.

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JDC442 7/22/11

Lucky!!! If I found a couple of 50 foot rolls on clearance I would be so happy.

We're moving into our new place at the end of the month where I'll be able to set up my 24 foot track no problem. I really need some seamless track now!!!

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Jobe 7/22/11

Just saw another roll go for about $45 on ebay. Seems to sell for about a buck a foot usually.
I got lucky on two of mine.

Trying to find a place to set up a 150' one lane distance track! only have 3 joints to deal with

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Nightstalker 9/11/11

I use orange electrial tape on the seam walls. Helps smooth them out.

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redlinederby 9/12/11
Site manager

I just started using electrical tape on wall gaps and so far so good. Doesn't seem to hinder performance any but I know it saves them from nicking those joint corners that get roughed up over time.

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JDC442 9/12/11

Seamless is the way to go

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