Thomassima III

RobertBcfc Sunday, 11/24/2019

I've just posted about perennially fast castings - but the above is one I've heard a lot about but have no experience of.

Anyone know of any faster than average versions?


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WorpeX 11/24/19

The First Edition is a pretty solid casting and definitely worth a purchase. I have two and both are great upper-mid tier cars.

Don't be fooled by how cool and special the Final Run casting is, its complete garbagefire on the track. Mine barely even crosses the finish line. I can't remember if I have a blue one or not... I remember having one, but it's not at my place so it would be in the "slow cars that kids can play with" bin at my parents house.

  • Haha I thought I was the only person who had one of those bins! I’ll seek out the first edition for sure - thanks for the tip (and the warning about the last run version) — RobertBcfc
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