Thunderbat and Buzzerk

RobertBcfc Saturday, 5/16/2020

Two castings I only came across yesterday and wondered if anyone had experience of:

Thunderbat - looks like a Taurus Stocker.  It was released for one of the Batman films, and the usual McDonalds livery is painted black.

It is made by Racing Champions.  I have about 20 RC cars and they're either rubber tyres or the equivalent of slower HW Mainlines - but this thing looks to fly from the video I saw.  

What do you think?

Buzzerk:  A 2012 first edition fantasy car, which has a huge circular saw blade at the front.  It looks to have a metal base and I'm thinking the blade, if metal, should give it a lot of extra frontal weight - in other words it looks quick.

I'm only going off 2 photos so may be wrong and wanted to see what experiences you have of this casting?




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RobertBcfc 5/16/20

Edit:  Scrap the Racing Champions bit!  I got a closer look at the packaging on the video I'd watched and I think it's a Pro Circuit type HW - but again, not sure?

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