Tiger Wheels vans

RobertBcfc Thursday, 2/20/2020

Earlier today I spotted a Tiger Wheels van and picked it up.  It seemed to be part of a series "Tennessee" - maybe something they did based on the states?

Not sure if people have run this series and how they go? Equivalent of the JL Boogie Vans or is that wishful thinking?


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coldpop 3/12/20

it comes from the STATES series

on CARDS + cube boxes






FLORIDA  chase vers

FLORIDA box can be found  with 2 box vers 1= correct back printing 2= PARTS OF REAR BACK print is reversed as the REVERSED NEGATIVE [ some print is correct Some is reversed imagery

##  I HAVE NEVER seen  nor acquired The TAMPO VERSION of FLORIDA


CALIFORNIA   pre-pro proto PreProduction

CALIFORNIA  is a BEAUTIFUL piece What would have been very BEAUTIFUL PIECES if TIGER WHEELS company would have continued on in production

== I have Well over 125 DIFF TIGER WHEELS PIECES 

plus PROTO PRE-PRO and a PAINT TEST PIECES that is used with DIFF TAMPOS from multi diff releases and was WHITE PAINTED OVER MANY TIMES seeing other Tampo tests under last layer of WHITE BODY paint overs .

there is also a TAMPO DESIGN 

HAVING   on  Side-R  Side-L

USA + ????????  [ moon window Casting] 

Coloured Bottom ÷ TOP + Roof White + Silver TRIM line 

**** on the SAMPLE TAMPO TEST piece I HAVE SHOWING roof TAMPO for these 

===                                                           only HAVE ROOF tampo on me 

DREAM Collectors Ed Box 

USA Yellow-SilverTrim-Top|Roof White w/ ROOF TAMPO [ 3x??? RED Stars , BLUE Eagle Head + UNITED WE STAND outilne of 5x ? being White

others That I have ,  that DO NOT HAVE the[ ROOF TAMPO ]

USA +???????? [side tampo] <NO ROOF tampo

GREEN light ÷ Trim ÷ Top|Roof White       GREEN Dark ÷ Trim ÷ Top|Roof White    ORANGE Light ÷ Trim ÷ Top|Roof White   ORANGE Dark ÷ Trim ÷ Top|Roof White  SILVER ÷ Trim[Blue] ÷ Top|Roof White     ^^^ above has Wheel Cap Hub Moon^^ 

WHITE SOLID ÷ Trim ÷ Top|Roof White   ^^^ above has Wheel 5sp ^^  


USA +???????? [side tampo] <w/ ROOF tampo                                                             

YELLOW÷Trim÷Top|Roof White +Tampo   ^^ Wheel Rim Cap Hub Moon

USA Yellow-SilverTrim-Top|Roof White w/ ROOF TAMPO [ 3x??? RED Stars , BLUE Eagle Head + UNITED WE STAND outilne of 5x ? being White


VW BUS types Casting types

3 diff

no specific order listed

1= PANEL 5 windows total  , 2 spilt split front , 1 Rear End , 2 Front Door                                                                                   

2= MOONwindow Rear side little Moon Window 7 window total[ 5 + 2 moon ]                                                                         

3= 7 Window Total 2 split Front , 1 Rear End , 2 side Front Doors , 2 Right Next to pass + driver DOORs


TIGER VANS [ VW BUS ] are fun to find Collect Race [ they are known for being FAST ON THE TRACK ] 

I am ALWAYS L@@KING for ones I Do NOT HAVE in me coldpopcarlsvws Collection  Even if only seeing IMAGES so I can Find it/them TO THIS DAY I DO NOT KNOW HOW MANY DIFF VWS was Made from Tiger Wheels [ official releases proto pre pros samples ] 

DO BEWARE many people MAKE KUSTOMS Customs and re-Box   repack them including CARDS

ALSO many times vans Buses can be taken out of ORIGINAL BOX and trade sold after Put in WRONG DIFFERNT Box 

Also SOME CAN BE FOUND on CARDS [ different SERIES then Cube| Box SERIES

CHEERS from The 49th State land of the Midnight Sun The LAST TRUE FRONTIER , col'pop ~ coldpop ~ coldpopcarl ~ coldpopcarlsvws

Hope I can LOAD pictures direct So I can post ME VW TIGER WHEELS official , proto pre-pro Tampo paint test + KUSTOMS 

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coldpop 3/12/20




= RED [ 7 window] W TAMPO deco graphis sides , Rear , Front , ROOF

= RED [ 7 window]  KNOWN as the CHASE piece RED BODY ONLY no BLUE front NO STATE DECO = only tampos  is [FRONT] HL, Turn Signal , BADGE in place of VW BADGE  + [REAR] plate , Turn signal , Brake


= YELLOW [7 window] W TAMPO deco graphis sides , Rear , Front , ROOF

= YELLOW[ 7 window]  KNOWN as the CHASE piece RED BODY ONLY no BLUE front NO STATE DECO = only tampos  is [FRONT] HL, Turn Signal , BADGE in place of VW BADGE  + [REAR] plate , Turn signal , Brake


WHITE [7 window] W TAMPO deco graphis sides , Rear , Front , ROOF

*** HAVE YET to confirm if the 

WHITE SOLID IS Manipulated by someone ir a ERROR  or 1 of very RARE FEW CHASE PIECES [ I document VW COLLECTIBLES bigtime since 1983/84 CLASS assignment and update it in High School Jr 1984/85 and continued to present DAY I have looked with MAGNIFING GLASS MICRO PHOTO IMAGE and do not see evidence of TAMPO NY being REMOVED 

*** NOTE THERE IS 2 DIFF WHITE SOLID CHASE PIECES   but they are from diff series and or TAMPOs issuies  on the PANEL casting + the MOON window Casting

 on many of The TAMPO SETS 

A specific Tampo will be SAME TAMPO 

and found on MULTI COLOURS 

AS such the USA + FLAG tampo found in the Dream Collectors Series Limited ed [ COLLECTOR'S Dream EDITION box|cube window < 3 tone yellow|gold with dots corcles LEFT HALF BOX = RIGHT HALF BOX with Series Name BLACK RIGHT SIDE





as I do Have that one TOO 

%%% again to this DAY I HAVE YET TO SEE or have in me VW PORSCHE MERCEDES Auto Union Audi Collection FLORIDA WITH GRAPHICS %% I WOULD be Very Grateful to SEE A PICTURE of one if it exists OR ACQUIRE one[2]  

col'pop ~ coldpop - coldpopcarl ~ coldpopcarlsvws

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RobertBcfc 3/13/20

Thanks for the info - I've got my Tennessee one, it feels HEAVY!

Question is if it's just a big lump or do they actually run well?

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coldpop 3/13/20

the COMPANY was from PUERTO RICO and they[ Collectors racers etc ] are BIG ON RACING Which prior To the original HW FTE axels Cars 2005/2006 when they where randomly insterted into cases NOT A specific SERIES I didnt actually realize why many cars COLOUR RACERS COLOUR CHANGERS AUTOMAGIC cars would sale trade SUPER WELL there . And when 2005/6 Random inserted FTE axel cars came out I had LOTS LOTS of people from Puerto Rico WANTING them buy or Trade AND CONNECTED they was BIG TIME into Drag Racing .   Me PERSONALLY I LOVE ME Tiger Wheels [ Tiger Van] VW Bus pieces  and the VERY RARE PORSCHE 911 GT-1 [ White] [ Grey Silver ]  [ RAW ZAMAK zamac ]

In dRaG RaCiN many factors play in HEAVY HEAVIEST isnt always the WINNER.

I do have some NONE VW PORSCHE  Tiger Wheels Castings but not MASS. 

Some Tiger Wheels can fetch $$$ Big or equal BIG TRADE/S

here is a Capture from 


TN|TN chase ~ TX|TX chase ~ NY ~ FL [ chase Vers ONLY

CALIFORNIA  NEVER RELEASED to me knowledge or anybody I shown Associate with or any response from FRIENDS POSTING asking 

IF SHARING the CALIFORNIA bus [ Tiger Van] PLEASE post from

coldpopcarlsvws or OR coldpopcarlsvw collection

THANKX in advance on any information on it 

SECOND ASK of any Info ON THIS TRACK shown  been searching for BRAND name Type When Where what they are from for aprox 18-20years 

You can put 4 cars onto the TRACK each marked lane has shallow trench x6 x6 plus 1 trench split on CENTER LINE

I SO WANT TO FIND OUT how to search For these I have 5 sections only  16" lengh 5" wide  : each lane 2.5" x2 = 5" total width 

underneatch has 3 JOINER slots they are VERY THIN so HW JOINERS CONNECTORS  split them The CONNECTOR CHANNEL 

Cars with bad warped axels THE CAR CAN jump into next Trench OF YOUR LANE or even CROSS center LINE or SIDE LINES

I been LOOKING in the TRACK AREA looking at that area TO POST some 

col'pop Tues Nite dRaG RaCiN night 

we run 16 HEATS  if more then 4 Racers we do 1, 2 , 3 RACES per Heat CASTING TYPES [ Winers of 16 Heats then Do a Double Elimation Bracket To GET WINNER andv2 3rd place ] multi race Per HEAT car casting type 2 or 3 winners [ 1 time we had 5 car 5 car 4 car 4car per HEAT CASTING type winner of these wins HEAT CASTING WIN and is entered to RACE THE 16 CAR BRACKET double elimination

CHEERS from [ GIRDWOOD , AK ] original named GLACIER CITY , AK 

col'pop ~ coldpopcarlsvws

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RobertBcfc 3/13/20

Thank you for the detailed response.  The red and blue van with the gold tampo in your last picture is the one I have.

Sounds like I may be on to a winner?

The same seller had a Texas van for sale but the card was damaged around the blister and that put me off.  

Cant wait to see how it goes when I get a chance to run it!

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