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Underground King [MAIL IN STREET RACING]

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A short "showroom" mini post upcoming! Gonna flex what bad boys are ready to race in the event?

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Outrun 10/1/23

There we go, with Critical Mass team's casting!

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Numbskull 10/2/23

Two stock cars on the way.

Oof, the mini garage I had printed earlier this year had its ink faded lol. Gonna print a new one this weekend!

New Facebook promo 

It's coming near! Gonna do the qualifying round soon!

Tomorrow is the day! Track reveal will come with the qualifying video itself

It's just me, myself, and my Honda Civic Type R.

It's out! The 2nd episode is here: 

Thanks for watching!

Episode 3 is here! Warning, it is carnage filled!

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