Vehicle Hauler Cup series

Saturday, August 2nd, 2014
Traction-Event Wednesday, 5/14/2014

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Vehicle Hauler Cup - Heavy weight series



  • Vehicle entry must consist of two vehicles
  • One vehicle hauler, and one vehicle to be hauled
  • Vehicles must be joined, glued together…no loose projectiles
  • The car haulers will race, the vehicle being hauled just need to be there for looks, weight, whatever
  • Vehicle being hauled can be a car, boat, truck, canoe, plane, train, motorcycle, some type of vehicle, but it must be identifiable

Car restrictions

  • Height restriction:  1.30in
  • Length restriction: 3 1/2in
  • 75 gram max
  • Dry lubes only
  • No redline wheels

Format and schedule

Single elimination, 1 pt per win, 2pts for winning event


Schedule Aug 2 start date

Hosts...Looking for 5 different tracks and hosts.

Have your Haulers to DVB by July 29th...



74 Chestnut Hill Drive

Seekonk, MA 02771

  • Aug 2nd DVB series kick off
  • Aug 9th LJLRC/DVB 
  • Aug 16th Delta 6 Dragway
  • Aug 23rd Smitty international drag way 
  • Aug 30th Michigan, Traction Event
  • I would host the finals.

Registered entrants

 Sloppy, TNfish, Milton, 72 Chevy, Kharvest, DadVbal, Stroller, slash88, nightstalker, Fast Fred, FOTF,  D6, Calvinator, Clayfeat, 




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KandORacing 5/14/14

Now that sounds like a lot fun! Yesterday I was painting the ramp truck that Smitty sent me awhile back, so the timing couldn't be any better!

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Milton-Fox 5/14/14

I was wondering about the redline wheels exclusion.  I remember seeing that restriction in other mail in tournaments before, but I guess I missed the previous reasons why.  Are they the originial FTEs? Or is it to level the playing field for the newer racers?

  • Probably because they are like me and don't want to see those beauties get scratched! — KandORacing
  • I can understand that about the whole car or event just the bodies, but not just the wheels. — Milton-Fox
  • Maybe it's so that no one is responsible for a car that might be worth more that a few dollars. — hotrainiac
  • they have delrin bushings, the inner wheel & axles are round, least friction [race one] — model40fan
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model40fan 5/16/14

"Bandit Towing" ... We'll see you in lane two !  ;

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KandORacing 5/18/14

I know what I'll be building.....

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model40fan 5/18/14

I have seen some wild haulers here... some very long wheelbases... can someone with a handy Drag Tracks' starter box, measure from the starter pins back to the box's trailing edge...this may be the maximum "nose to rear wheels" measurement...

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model40fan 5/18/14


3 1/2 in from pins to end of start, and the finish line is 1 1/2 in high.

  • poor memory tells me the pivot end of the paddles protrudes a little with them fully extended... 1.30" — model40fan
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Dadvball 5/18/14

Great idea!  Gotta start going through my stuff for a candidate.

Looking good so far Smitty!

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model40fan 5/18/14


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model40fan 5/19/14

just a thought... the over priced single row of OREO, FIG NEWTON or LORNA-DUNE cookies at a convenience store come in a long square cardboard box... just what we need to protect the radical customs that the series will bring... and because some bases will be spliced, I feel we need more than bubble wrap...these boxes will also pack and ship well, AND WE EAT THE COOKIES !

if we all label our boxes it will make it easy on each host as they can re-use each truck's box getting the perfect fit for each racer...

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tnfishdaddy 5/19/14

Found this bad boy online. Not sure how fast it is but it sure would look good going down the track.

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="/images/static/placeholder.jpg" data-src="" border="0" alt=" photo imagejpg1_zpsadb4dfa8.jpg"/></a>

  • The rubber rear tires would most likely prevent it from even getting down the track. — KandORacing
  • But yes, it looks fantastic! — KandORacing
  • note the chopped top bug, to offset the shorter CHOPPED roof, he shortened the car's body, seen it real life '40 Ford sedan — model40fan
  • note if he cut the top of the B pillars instead, file the roof edge, better look ? — model40fan

this idea seems to have some support...i'll try to firm up some rules..

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