what is everybody using to carry there cars around ?

SaltyRatNutz Sunday, 2/9/2020

any carry case pics ?  \


Joann fabrics

  • made for the just the cars ?or something else? — SaltyRatNutz
  • I have the same. Walmart has then too. They’re in the craft section with thread and stuff. $10 — redlinederby
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Just_Will 2/9/20

I use this picture box i bought from Michaels a while back. It has 16 cases and i keep 7 cars in each case. They’re pretty expensive at regular price, but if you find it on sale and use the weekly coupon you can get it for $10-15. Still pricey, but it serves my purpose. I like being able to get a case at a time.

As far as vehicle height, the picture i included with the trucks is pretty much the upper limit, so anything with the “4x4” wheels will be too tall. That’s where i use other lure/craft boxes.

Just in general if you’re buying something from Joannes or Michaels always check their websites for coupons. 


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