Where to buy clamshell cases for Hot Wheels

redlinederby Friday, 2/14/2020
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Does anyone have a trusted source for buying the single, plastic clamshell cases for cars? Either for loose cars or for carded ones. 

Not unlike this type:

I've dug up a lot just Googling with some on eBay, some direct, and various other places and at a somewhat wide price range...but wondering if someone has a place they go regularly and trust the quality and for a reasonable price. 


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LeagueofSpeed 2/14/20
Event coordinator

PM Robby he got a bunch awhile back 

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WorpeX 2/14/20

Yeah, I love these. Would like to know also. I have 2 of them and I send them both out to mail-ins often.

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Diecast64 2/14/20

I've bought them from here a couple of times. The price listed is pretty good, but the shipping is a little pricey if I remember correctly. Still seemed to be the best price I could find initially when I first looked for them years ago. Haven't really looked lately, just kept using these guys. They are great if you're just sending a few cars. You can get 6-7 in a small flat rate box. 

If you are sending more cars here is the next best economical and safe way I like to send cars.


  • Thanks for the link. 100 cases for $25 is pretty good compared to where else I've seen at much smaller quantities. 100 should last a good while too. — redlinederby
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redlinederby 2/17/20
Site manager

Pricey shipping is an understatement! I just went to buy the 100ct and the shipping is $17. Suddenly my $25 is now $42. Ima do some more digging I guess. I can't justify spending more than half the cost of the item on shipping (at least not yet).

I hate this dilemma. I've found these same cases on Amazon for $15 for 25 with free shipping, so it's still cheaper to go the $42 route to get 100 but at the same time I don't know if I need 100 of these things. Harumpf. 

  • Maybe I'll try to print my own, LOL. Hmmmm — redlinederby
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