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YouTube Diecast Series (Multi-Track Series)

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On its way from Scotland today, will hopefully arrive in time!

  • Nice! Should get here in time. and for international, you have a little extra buffer for time to get it in. — WeRaceDiecast

Jamie Z Cray will be driving for U_U, and they departed your way yesterday evening.

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Sam_Haul 9/20/21

"The Bar", heading out tomorrow.  Hoping to set it high.

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TheMakersBox 9/20/21

Makersbox Motor's entry resulting from The Quest for the Golden One.   Little different setup and livery than my Clutch Mountain Contender car.  Would love to see them pair off if you get a chance.  


Please confirm you received my entry last Friday. 

Fred "The Fuzz" with Tex-Tenn Racing.

  • I can't confirm that I haven't checked the PO Box in about a week. I will likely check tomorrow though. When I get cars in I will update this page next to your name in the list of cars. You will see an (ARRIVED) next to your name when I get hands on it though. I also like to show off cars on the Facebook Page as well (WeRaceDiecast). — WeRaceDiecast
  • Cool! Thanks for the update, — TexTenn_Racing

Jameson "El Lobo" driving for Ca$h Money Boy$ headed your way!!

  • nice Decal work! I thought that was stock for a minute. Good luck Jameson! — WeRaceDiecast
  • Old school cool! — TheMakersBox
  • Sweet build! — MessyMarv
  • Thanks!! We named it Old School Cool per your suggestion makersbox! Lol — CaShMoneyBoyS

UPDATE: Just want to remind folks to get their builds in earlier than later. Fees and Cars need to arrive by the 8th of Oct. We will be on a tight schedule to get the series going and can't afford to wait on anyone. If you are late you won't be in the series; ONLY EXCEPTIONS ARE: International Shipping delays or Local shipping delays if sent weeks in advance

  • 4 of 60 Cars have Arrived
  • 9 of 60 Fees have been Paid

Standby List: I expect with 60 signups we will get some folks that drop out or miss the deadline. We only have 1 official person on the standby list. So there is still a chance to get in the series if you have missed the initial sign ups. A few others have expressed interest in being added to the Standby List; They aren't on it because of incomplete information. So jump on if you can. You will get extra time to send in a car when a spot opens up. 

Other than that looking forward to getting all your cars in! Good luck in Quals!

UPDATE: Unfortunately Transport Diecast Racing will not be able to host for the series due to personal/life reasons. Wish all the best to TDR and we apologize for the change in plans.

The show will go on, and schedule remains the same, but we will be a 3 track event as of now. 

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Mayfield41 9/24/21

Have finally completed it. Be heading out very soon.

  • Looks good man! I like the unique paint scheme, will make it stand out on the track! Best of luck in Quals! — WeRaceDiecast

UPDATE: October is fast approaching, don't forget to get your cars in the mail soon and entry fees paid. 

14 of 60 Cars have Arrived
19 of 60 Fees have been Paid

Standby List: We had our first drop out from the list a while back. We upgraded the driver on standby and now the standby list is wide open, so if you are interested in jumping on the Standby list, get on it. I suspect we will have a few more drop outs.

DNQ: Seperately we DNQ'd our first car. Make sure you guys are reading over the rules before them in. You can always ask to be sure. Cheers guys!

20 Cars so far have arrived for the YouTube Diecast Series to Qualify! Looking forward to getting the rest of the cars in! Good luck to all the participants!

UPDATE: 5 days away from Deadline. 

33 of 60 Cars have Arrived
31 of 60 Fees have been Paid

Please welcome Keith "Flip" Filipiak to the mix as a Late add!

We have 1 SPOT Currently Available and nobody on the STANDBY List. If you are interested feel free to comment!

We have had 2 cars that were DQ'd on arrival, 2 drop outs, 2 new adds, 1 repair, 3 people have been given extra time, and a bunch that I'm aware of that will be showing up in the coming week.

Super excited to host and its been a blast getting the cars in processed. I'm hugely impressed with the builds so far and can't wait to get them down the track!

  • UPDATE: 3 days away from Deadline. 39 of 58 Cars have Arrived 38 of 58 Fees have been Paid — WeRaceDiecast

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