Zender Fact Four

RobertBcfc Monday, 4/15/2019


I saw one of these perform really well in a recent video, but couldn’t discern which casting it was.

I can see numerous versions have been produced since the late 90s, but I wanted to check your experience of them.  Is there a standout casting that just rolls faster than the rest?

Looking to add one to my collection soon, so any advice you have would be great.




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WorpeX 4/15/19

One of my favorite castings, I just love the way 90s supercars look. Anyway, i've never really noticed it to be anything special speed wise. Its a plastic base casting and never had an FTE. I did mod one for a Redline Derby tournament a few years back, ended up looking awesome.

The fastest "Stock" Zender Fact 4 I have is the "Kabel" casting (Out of 6 different versions). Its above average from what i've seen, but again, nothing that'll win tournaments.

I am curious to know if there is a magic casting of these that I'm unaware of. I'd be on the hunt for it instantly!

  • That’s great, just the feedback I was looking for. Seen a few of the Kabel castings online and will look to pick one up soon. — RobertBcfc
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RobertBcfc 4/15/19

Really does look great in those colours.  I wonder if there is a hidden gem that could top it, but that version will make a great addition to my second/third tier level of racers - excited to see how it goes 

  • I am wondering if the older Ultra Hot models would be solid. I usually have good luck with those wheels but one I have like that has been in poor condition for as long as I can remember. — WorpeX
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