Zender Fact Four

RobertBcfc Monday, 4/15/2019


I saw one of these perform really well in a recent video, but couldn’t discern which casting it was.

I can see numerous versions have been produced since the late 90s, but I wanted to check your experience of them.  Is there a standout casting that just rolls faster than the rest?

Looking to add one to my collection soon, so any advice you have would be great.




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WorpeX 4/15/19

One of my favorite castings, I just love the way 90s supercars look. Anyway, i've never really noticed it to be anything special speed wise. Its a plastic base casting and never had an FTE. I did mod one for a Redline Derby tournament a few years back, ended up looking awesome.

The fastest "Stock" Zender Fact 4 I have is the "Kabel" casting (Out of 6 different versions). Its above average from what i've seen, but again, nothing that'll win tournaments.

I am curious to know if there is a magic casting of these that I'm unaware of. I'd be on the hunt for it instantly!

  • That’s great, just the feedback I was looking for. Seen a few of the Kabel castings online and will look to pick one up soon. — RobertBcfc
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RobertBcfc 4/15/19

Really does look great in those colours.  I wonder if there is a hidden gem that could top it, but that version will make a great addition to my second/third tier level of racers - excited to see how it goes 

  • I am wondering if the older Ultra Hot models would be solid. I usually have good luck with those wheels but one I have like that has been in poor condition for as long as I can remember. — WorpeX

The original silver / silver UH is quick on the flat because it transitions from the hill well. A second tier car in my collection but fun to race. I have not raced the Kabel against it so that would be an interesting race to see!

  • Just managed to pick up a reasonably priced UH version from eBay, can’t wait to see how it goes — RobertBcfc
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RobertBcfc 4/26/19

Thanks - I’ve got the Kabel one in order, should arrive any day.

I’ll have a look for the UH you mention and try to grab that one too, though I’m thinking boxed versions may now be hard to come by (hopefully not though).

Would be great to see them head to head for sure

  • number #820 from https://www.redlinederby.com/topic/mid-90s-to-late-90s-china-basescollector-s-and-nickel-platte/3289 is a zender with a possible nickel plated axle — 1_of_many
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