Beehive Diecast Dragway

Managed by Peter_Bee

About this track

As a small boy I played with the original Hot Wheels in the late 60's. Once I discovered some of the other joys life had to offer, the Hot Wheels got put away. I rediscovered the joy of Hot Wheels on YouTube and decided to get a 4-Lane Raceway. I then bought a 6-Lane track. But the speed bug bit me, and now "The Hive" has become a 2-Lane dragstrip with an electronic timing system. 

I built my track to be adjustable. I can alter the Height, the downhill length and the runoff length. I use a homemade swing open gate, similar to the one used in the D64 monthly races. 

I used to shoot tournament videos on my old 4 lane and 6 lane tracks. They are still available on my YouTube channel:

I'm hoping to host mail-in races in 2021. All races would be under the rules used by RLD.

An introductory video introducing the new and improved Hive will be forthcoming. Keep an eye out! In the mean time, take care and see ya at the races!

Stop by my channel and visit "The Hive".