Beehive Diecast Dragway

Managed by Peter_Bee

About this track

As a small boy I played with the original Hot Wheels in the late 60's. Once I discovered naked women, the Hot Wheels got put away. I rediscovered the joy of Hot Wheels on YouTube and decided to get a 4-Lane Raceway. I then bought a 6-Lane track. After some experimenting, I use the 6-Lane track with the added length from orange track. I use the mechanical finish line from the 4-Lane Raceway because it gives me all 4 positions, rather than just the winner.

I have added a grandstand of sorts and 2 garage buildings with 8 stalls in each to accomodate the 16 cars in my weekly Tournaments on my YouTube channel:

I am always looking to improve my tracks and my videos, I am planning on a second track which will be a Sizzlers Fat Track Road course. Stop by my channel and visit "The Hive".