Chaos Canyon

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About this track

Chaos Canyon is designed to be a post apocalyptic setting, where the road is rough, the buildings (when they're made) are all derelict and eventually the cars that race on there will be aimed at gaslands/mad max/deathrace style, but for now it's open to any vehicle that fits on the track. I wanted to go with that theme for a couple of reasons, I hadn't seen any out there yet and I love that rat rod, apocalyptic feel and I thought it could make for a really cool visual experience once it's all themed out properly. I got into this hobby again just recently thanks to the awesome videos produced by 3DBotmaker and I hope to be able to capture some of the quality of his work in mine when racing starts. I want it to be entertaining and a suspension of reality, where you get invested in it like you would if it was real, albeit apocalyptic.

Everything on this course is custom made by hand as it has been built during the C-19 lockdown in NZ. The track is made from a product called Palight, which is essentially a very dense PVC foam (not like foam core board) which is light, flexible and easy to cut and hot glue. I've put a video up on my YouTube channel (Chaos Canyon) about the product if you want to have a look.

The track starts with, what will be, individual height adjustable start lanes (this is due to the first banked corner that requires different entry speeds to keep it fair) that I'm just working on now. From there it is a two lane stretch into the first banked corner (also two laned), then into a drop to the bridge jump. The bridge is being made to look like it is broken apart in the middle, with concrete hangin off it etc. Then it's all open track after the jump. You land then quickly into another banked corner and then the final downhill run to the finish.

One of the things I love about this track is it's not just about being fast, you have to be consistent and drive well. Even my fastest cars in testing get overtaken by slower ones at times because they lost it on the jump or something like that. The final stretch can be insanely fast if they exit the last corner cleanly and there have been some stunning overtaking manouvres in that last stretch. It makes it really entertaining to watch because even leading out of the last corner is not a guarantee of a win.

Because everything is custom, it has meant a lot of trail and error (quite a lot of error actually) and there is constant refinement to things to try and get it more consistent and entertaining. 

I'm looking forward to lockdown ending so that I can get out and buy some key materials as I'm almost out of glue sticks and palight, let alone I have no materials to build the scenery (which is why there is material that is just hung up currently to try and tidy the look up)