Gulf City Dragway

Managed by Mopar_Mafia

About this track

Gulf City Dragway is a tribute track of 2 local cross town rival dragstrips that operated from 1959 – 1967 with one surviving until 1974. Golden Triangle Raceway was owned and operated by a local car club called the "Blockbusters" later changed its name to Twin City. It competed with rival Tampa Dragway owned and operated by Legendary Hall of Fame "Big Daddy" Don Garlits.

Gulf City Dragway is a brand new state of the art facility featuring 3DBot maker starting gate, close quarters track connectors and a the industry standard 3DBot LED finish line indicator. Stop box is 1.25" thick inertia abosrbing foam for damage free shutdowns. The large pit area has three fuel tankers, a food truck and plenty of tractor trailer parking along with a service station for between round repair assistance.

The track is a semi-permanent shelf design on dimensional lumber. The shelf is 1X12 select pine board. The track base is 1X8 poplar and is screwed and glued to the shelf for a straight warp-free foundation. The drop is also 1X8 poplar 30" long and 13" at the drop heighth and is also screwed and bracketed to the base to ensure plumb and level starts. The track is held straight by shoe moulding nailed in place and the track connectors are screwed to the base as well. I used some decorative molding to hide the joints and lines for asthetics.