Kevblokey's Dragstrip

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About this track

Hi there, Kevblokey from the UK here (yes, we love diecast racing just as much as you guys!) Anyway, My dragstrip is a 1/64th scale quarter mile, four lane job, it's currently non permanent, so always takes a bit of time to set up and dismantle, which is a pain, a permanent set up is on my 'to do' list, which is always being added to! I use the Hot Wheels six lane for my downhill and 3DBotmaker’s four lane finish gate at the end (not a fan of the six lane raceway’s noisy finish gate).

I love 3DBotmaker’s products, what he has done and is doing for our hobby is fantastic, with international postage and import charges, these can work out expensive, but still worth the money.

If you are on FB, check out my collection page and there's a couple of videos of the set up in action

Please take time also to check out my YouTube channel, I run a monthly KOTH league which I encourage people to take part in, there’s a prize package for one lucky subscriber at the end of the season. You can find my channel promo at

Love watching what other people are doing with their tracks, I find it all very inspirational.