Mondeo Raceway

Managed by SYCLONE

About this track

Mondeo Raceway was inspired by 3DBotmaker's Race Mountain Speedway. There has only been one official tournament here but it was a banger-and the Mondeo Masters series is quite the handful. It is made out of a Hot Wheels launcher gate(I push them so I can contain 4 cars in there), followed by two long Hot Wheels straights-one blue(that's the outside) and the other being orange(that's the inside). It follows two straights of two-wide Adventure Force NASCAR fat track. Now the kink is that it has grooves in it which helps keep the cars planted. A big 180-degree turn, followed by a nice long straight...


Immediately after the straight is a sudden right turn that seems to throw off even the best. It's also known as "Turn Death" due to how many sudden crashes have happened. Many cars that have issues with their centers of gravity have bad times with this corner(eyes Dajiban with confusion).

It continues down a nice long straight to the finish.

I hope you guys enjoy the racing!