Obsidian Mountain Raceway

Total length
Road course


  • Style: Road course
  • Total length: 28 ft.
  • Lanes: 2
  • Built by: GryphonSoul


Obsidian Canyon Raceway, located on a privately owned island somewhere in the South Pacific. The island formed from volcanic activity thousands of years ago and dispite the sparce vegitation it was eventually populated by neighboring inhabitants. Deep in the interior of the island stands the ominus Obsidian Mountain, known to the locals as Ka Mauna ?Ele?ele (The Black Mountain). Formed by the volcano Akua ahi, most of the lava crystalized into obsidian. The locals would use it as a test of speed, strength and where one ranked in the villages and island hierarchy. From 3,000ft above sea level, initiants and challengers would race down the paths the lava carved out centuries before, over the glass like stone, through tunnels cut through the mountain by the molten lava. Over the years the races have progressed from being on foot to putting your foot to the floor. The island was privately purchased under the condition that the locals, their culture and traditions never be interfered with. And that is how it is and will be. The island owner provides finacial support to the island and let's the Chiefs handle the islander's lives and needs. Some work was done to the lava carved paths of the mountain, expanded, widened and some safety features were added. It is a road course now, used for the same reasons it has been for generations and also to settle some grudges. Thousands gather for the races several times a year. 

My motivation was the inspiration I got from watching diecast racing vids on youtube. Chaos Canyon (AWESOME), 3Dbotmaker, Monster Motorsports, DRC, RTR, Rev, IDC and a few others (AMAZING). 

How I built my track.? Being on a fixed budget it wasn't easy. I started out trying to make the track pieces from cardboard but failed on making a decent banked curve. So I scraped up the pennies, bought some orange straights. Had a drag strip for a few days, but wasn't enough, I wanted a road course. So I grabbed a couple AF crash racer sets (On sale at walmart $26 and some change each). I used cardboard and paper mache to form the mountain and support system, 1 piece of wood under the start gate and a lot of cheap paint. I used some modeling clay to fill in areas the mache pulled away. It was a true pain of passion. I got a 2 lane start gate from Slan Man customs. Had to modify it to be a right hand start. Had to flip it upside down cause the pull arm faces the wall if your track (my track) starts from the right. *Slan if you read this, might want to make a double sided pull arm start gate or a right handed pull arm set up.* Buld time about 2 weeks to tweek it, test it and have it drive able. It will be a work in progress as I have little landscaping, buildings and such accessories. 

I have bout 104 off the peg cars and trucks. I'm 3/4s the way through time trials to set the 1st event. It's a very small track compared to most. My cars make it down in 4.21 sec to 7 sec for the slowest car. I still have to source out lighting and work out how to video and edit the races. 0-0 And I thought the build was the tough part. LOL

I hope to get out there and maybe someday be on the same track racing those who've inspired me to build Obsidian Mountain Raceway. ALOHA! :)