Outlaw Speedway

Managed by OutlawSpeedShop2001

About this track

I would like to introduce Outlaw Speedway! Growing up I used to love racing cars down my driveway and apparently I haven't grown out of it!

The speedway is two lanes(there are 2 extra for possible future use) and is currently set up with mechanical start/finish lines. I do have a Dragon Racing Systems timing set up coming however.

To add a little spice, there is a "hump" 9 feet in. So just as the cars are hitting the straightaway, they get a little air. This is important as cars that track straight will definitely have an advantage, so make sure you get a 4 wheel alignment before sending any in.

To start we have a USA Nationals Tournament to celebrate the USA's birth. And we will be adding tournaments monthly.

The KING OF SPEED series is a year long event, culminating in December with ALL winners from the year battling out...and the winner takes ALL the cars! This is pretty much a no holds barred series with the grand prize being bragging rights AND your enemies vehicles! 

Watch the video below for rules. Entry forms for the tournament races can be grabbed here on RLD, or at : http://outlawspeedshop.com/outlaw-speedway/  (KING OF SPEED entry forms are also at that link)